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What recruitment trends are emerging?

The latest trends in recruitment and selection reflect the demands of a post-pandemic recovery…

Video interviews

In terms of digital recruitment trends, a key shift has been the embracement of online interviews.

With everyone now accustomed to Zoom, Teams, and Google Meets, lots of employers have implemented the platforms for a more efficient application process.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that 85% of graduates would be more likely to apply for a job if the company offered remote or hybrid working options.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Another of the recent emerging trends in recruitment is the rise in concern about diversity in the workplace.

Nearly 90% of graduates are more inclined to work for a diverse company, and almost 30% of grad job seekers have felt overlooked for roles due to discrimination.

Data in the pie chart shown has been gathered from over 1000 participants.

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One of the most prominent emerging trends of recruitment is the rise in sustainability awareness amongst job seekers.

54% of graduates think that companies are not doing enough to protect the environment, with 83% of grads being more likely to stay at a company that champions sustainability.


Lifestyle perks

A new trend in recruitment has been the valuing of health and flexibility over traditional work perks.

The majority of graduates now seek out companies that offer flexible working options and see gym discounts as a priority perk.

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Recruitment statistics archive

Our past graduate market analysis provide valuable insight into the graduate recruitment industry throughout the years; including a breakdown of average starting salaries and more useful data.

Browse through the archive below to see how the graduate recruitment sector has changed since 2015.

Questions about graduate employability statistics

  • We’ve learned over many years that it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

    To recruit at the most effective and competitive rates, it’s crucial to know the ins and outs of the recruitment industry.

    For example, if you identify an increased demand for remote working options, offering this as a job benefit is likely to increase applications.

    There are always new trends in jobs and recruitment, and it’s impossible to stay on top of them all.

    The best you can do is research the most pertinent patterns and think about ways that you can fit them into your own business strategy.

    If you’re a FinTech firm, for instance, it’s best to focus on recruitment trends in financial services alongside trends in IT recruitment.

    Our statistics are well-researched, detailed and they come directly from our own recruitment.

    They’re an invaluable insight into the graduate employment market.

    Even if you find out that you’re already working in line with emerging trends in recruitment and selection, it’s always good to know that you’re doing things right!

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  • There are lots of trends getting noticed in the graduate employment space at the moment.

    One such trend is the rising concern for employee satisfaction. Recently, companies have instilled an extremely important (and arguably quite overdue) focus on the workplace experience of employees.

    With the rise of flexible and hybrid working, businesses are understanding the significance of these factors in securing and retaining the best talent. In such a talent-led market, it is hard to keep hold of your best employees.

    Acknowledging the value that employees place on hybrid working models is, for many, the key to realising a robust employee retention strategy.

    You can find more information about what trends have been getting noticed through the years in our employment statistics archive.

    So, if you’re stuck asking yourself ‘what is general trend in recruitment?’ – don’t fret!

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  • The new trends in recruitment reflect a graduate jobs market that is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic and adapting to the cost of living crisis.

    An interesting new trend that has emerged amongst graduate job seekers is the increased desire to stay in a role for a long period of time.

    According to our research, over 80% of participants see themselves staying in a graduate role for at least 2 years and 30% expect to stay in the job for 5+ years.

    This is why it s important for employers to think early on about where they see graduates progressing.

    In terms of the latest trends in recruitment and selection process, first-round interviews are now undertaken virtually by many companies. It speeds up the recruitment process, as more candidates can be interviewed in a shorter period of time and opens access to a wider variety of candidates.

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  • Fully comprehending recent trends in recruitment and selection is only possible when you have the context of past hiring trends.

    For instance, whilst it’s useful to know what percentage of graduates are unemployed at the present moment, knowing whether unemployment rates are higher or lower than in past years provides a fuller picture.

    In the same vein, statistics are only actionable within wider context. It’s important to know whether something is a trend or a fluke.

    The most common graduate jobs one month may not correlate with the general trend of the past year, indicating an anomaly rather than a trend.

    As a leading voice in graduate recruitment, we’re proud to offer an extensive archive of employment statistics dating back to 2015.

    For information on how graduate markets were affected by the pandemic, check out our recruitment industry trends 2020 report, graduate labour market statistics 2021 doc and keep your eyes peeled for our report on trends in recruitment 2022.

  • To predict what kind of future trends will take hold of the recruitment industry, you have to review commonalities of past years.

    By comparing the graduate labour market statistics 2020 and recruitment industry trends 2021 with new trends in recruitment 2022, it’s clear that the demand for remote working is not going to diminish any time soon.

    However, with the majority of graduates now favouring a workplace with some variation between autonomy and collaboration, it is fair to predict that a hybrid working environment will become highly attractive to job seekers.

    With the cost of living constantly on the incline, it is also fair to make the prediction that employers will need to offer higher salaries to appear competitive in the graduate jobs market.

    If you are a startup with a tighter budget, don’t let these predictions concern you. Where we see the best retention at the moment, and likely in the future, is at companies that have invested in training and progression opportunities.

    Being able to make predictions about recruitment trends will enable you to get ahead of the curve with your employment strategy.

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