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Early career hiring.


Grow your team quickly with the support of our experienced team of recruitment experts.

  • 91% of clients choose to hire again
  • 500k+ candidates on our database
  • 2x faster than industry average
  • Dedicated Account Manager & hiring plan
  • One-off contingent hiring
  • Multi-hire projects & RPO
  • Assessment days


Job posting

Already know how to recruit graduates but need help finding them? Advertise a job and recruit students or grads today.

  • Job board with 200k+ monthly traffic
  • 100k+ social media following
  • Targeted job emails reach up to 500k+ candidates
  • Bolt-ons including a company page
  • Get full control over job management


Branding services

Enhance your EVP with our employer branding services. We’ll grow your team by helping you grow your brand.

  • 74% email open rates, vs. 19% industry average
  • Up to 30% CTR for SMS messaging
  • 80k+ web subscribers bulk advertising
  • Targeting e.g. degree type, certain skills
  • Sponsored content by SEO specialists


Recruit a graduate
to make an impact.

Investing in a well-thought-out recruitment strategy is money well spent.

75% of companies admit that thoughtless hires have damaged their business. A robust hiring strategy will not only help you employ graduates: it’ll secure your staff retention, save you money, and reinforce your long-term growth.

Using trusted, specialist suppliers to support your growth is one of the best investments you will make.


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businesses we’ve helped to hire graduates globally

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students, graduates & employers on our website per year

46% of our candidates identify as being from Asian, Black, Mixed or other Ethnic backgrounds.

We work exceptionally hard to help improve our clients’ D&I processes, which are at the heart of so many companies’ hiring agendas.

Our recruitment of graduates is

Quicker than our competitors.

We fill jobs for our clients 21 days faster than the industry average. But, we don’t compromise on quality.

With our astute understanding of the graduate market, we’ve aided the growth of thousands of companies.

So, what are you waiting for? Find graduates looking for work across multiple sectors, with our effective employee recruitment strategies.


We work with

Businesses of all
shapes and sizes.

Our Graduate Recruiters help businesses hire the best graduates. From growing startups to expanding multinationals, we match companies with high-quality candidates.

Working to a demanding staff hiring drive? We offer a range of cost structures and project timelines to streamline your processes, employing staff that will add real value to your company.

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Why Give a Grad a Go?

We’re the UK’s leading
graduate hiring agency.

Experience & reach

more web traffic than our 10 top competitors

Our diverse client portfolio covers emerging tech startups and huge global brands. There are no job hiring agencies for graduates that have the industry reach that we do.

Speed and efficiency

to see candidates

We’ll help you grow your teams instantly without sacrificing quality, aiming to send you candidates within a couple of days. For graduate recruitment help, we’re the most efficient.

Quality guarantee

of candidates have 2.1 or 1st degrees

If you want the best, there’s no better place to find graduates. We have a strong candidate base of some of the best graduates across the globe.


different services offered

Hiring recent graduates with no experience required? Or are you recruiting new graduates with a particular set of skills? We’ll build the right plan for you.

Your team will grow and excel, because our team understands the grad market like no other. We sit apart from other top recruiting agencies.

As previous graduates ourselves, we reach graduates on their level, allowing us to hire with accuracy. We take time to get to know you, and use our unique relationship with graduates to make the right pairing.

This is why our probation pass rate statistics are consistently higher than our competitors.


Our team

As you grow, we grow too.



Cary Curtis

CEO & Founder


Ben Taylor

Managing Director


Claire Donaldson

People and Operations Director


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Client Director

Why hire graduates?

Your talent will be your most
valuable asset.

So, why recruit graduates?

We recognise the many benefits of employing graduates, so will always endeavour to show you the value they can add to businesses.

Our own team is largely made up of university graduates, and each of our internal graduate employees speak to 100s of candidates every week. Graduates are driven, adaptable, and have no issue being autonomous. What they can offer you is invaluable.

As the leading UK recruiting agency for graduates, we have access to the best talent. Read on for more reasons why you should consider hiring new graduates to become your future leaders.


Return on investment

Graduate hires have a high return on investment. We hire new employees cost-effectively and consistently 2 times quicker than the industry average.



Graduates’ lesser experience is a bonus, not a hindrance. They’ll easily adapt to your way of working. Let us help you understand how to hire graduates for your requirements.


On a budget?

With less experience, graduates’ starting salaries will be more cost-effective. Trust an experienced graduate recruiting agency like ours to help you hire on a budget.


New perspectives

Positive change is crucial. Hiring graduates opens up the opportunity for a different generation’s eyes to see your business, suggest ideas, and improve old practices you didn’t even realise were outdated!



Having just finished at least 3 years of independent studying, it’s no surprise that grads consistently display drive, initiative, and autonomy. The onboarding process is easier, and they’ll start adding value to your company quickly.


Growth for all

As graduate recruitment specialists, we’re used to hearing discussions of ‘career development’ and ‘progression’. We can find candidates that are excited about not only growing your company but also growing at your company.

Professional recruiting agencies FAQs

  • The quickest and most reliable way to hire is by using staffing recruiting agencies. Industry experts can commit the time to sourcing candidates and conducting first-round interviews, that you might not be able to. Good hiring requires a thorough approach. So, find the best candidates with people that have the time to be thorough. You’ll avoid making costly mistakes if you make the right hire the first time.

    You no longer need to browse for a ‘hiring agency near me’, you’re already in the right place! With our fair and competitive pricing structure, Give a Grad a Go is a trusted, risk-free recruiter. You will be assisted by our team of personable and experienced recruitment professionals, with a dedicated Account Manager to take you through the process.

    We care first and foremost about getting to know you and your business. After that, we will get to work on delivering the new graduate hiring that your company needs.

    We’ll source candidates from our huge database, and use our knowledge to find hires that are perfect for your company. Our team is mostly made up of graduates, so we have direct experience navigating the market from both sides, as job hunters and graduate recruiters.

    So, don’t waste time trying to find candidates yourself. Put your trust in our expertise and watch the value of your team explode.

    Find candidates for jobs with our help!

  • Whilst we can’t speak on the effectiveness of other graduate recruitment firms, the success of our own recruitment service is evident. Having successfully placed over 4000 candidates in 1000+ companies worldwide, we’re certain our recruitment methodology works.

    Our winning employee recruitment strategy is a product of over a decade worth of experience navigating the graduate jobs market. With our years of expertise aided by an internal database of over 400k grads, and a jobs website that reaches over 2 million people every year, sourcing candidates is a problem easily solved by our recruitment team. In fact, it only takes us 48 hours (on average) to send a shortlist of candidates over to employers. Employing a graduate couldn’t be quicker!

    Alongside efficiency, we also pride ourselves on being a quality employee recruitment agency. We understand that successfully employing graduates involves matching candidates to businesses based on wider company culture, alongside skills and qualifications. Ensuring that potential graduate hires fit into your work environment is key to finding candidates whose aligning qualities result in high retention rates. Given that our probation pass rate sits at 96%, we’re confident that this element of our graduate recruitment plan works.

    In short, we’ve got the recruiting tools to find candidates of quality, quickly. Hire better people now.

  • We understand that employers are often hesitant to enlist the help of an external employee recruitment agency due to costs. At Give a Grad a Go, the cost of hiring a graduate via our managed recruitment services is ascertained by taking a percentage-fee of the job salary. Given that grad starting salaries tend to be lower, due to the junior nature of the role, our graduate hiring agency fees remain low. As such, recruiting grads is a great way to expand teams whilst on a budget.

    To be clear, our recruitment fee is only taken once the employee recruitment and selection process is over and the successful candidate has been placed. In short, we charge no upfront costs. If you’re keen to recruit graduates using our recruitment support, our client services team will arrange an employee recruitment plan and fee that works best for your business. Hire a graduate today!

    If our managed recruitment services do not fit into your hiring budget, we also offer job posting services that enable you to recruit grads by directly posting on our jobs board. Alternatively, if your budget is directed towards enhancing your employer brand, our branding services can help you boost your EVP at a low rate and hire grads with ease.

    Whatever your budget, our professional recruiting agency can offer you a service that makes employing a graduate an inexpensive feat.

  • As the UK’s largest city, London is inevitably home to lots of job seekers and copious job recruiting agencies trying to pair them with businesses. It is estimated that there are around 3,000 hiring agencies in London. This is more than any other city in the UK, which makes sense with a population nearing 10 million!

    Most of these hiring agencies are in the City of London, where the concentration of industry and business creates a logical environment for these companies to thrive.

    If you’re looking for top graduate recruitment agencies, you’ll be sure to find them in central London!  It can be overwhelming working out which agency to use as each has its own graduate recruitment strategies and distinct methods.

    As a London recruiting agency with national and global reach, Give a Grad a Go works tirelessly to place graduates without jobs at some of the best companies around. With over a decade of experience in the early careers market, our recruiters know how to find graduates fast.

    As an expert sourcing recruiting agency, we take 48 hours (on average) to send shortlisted CVs to employers. We do not sacrifice quality for speed, however. Our employee recruitment selection process is second to none, with 96% of our graduate placements passing probation.

    If you’re unclear on where to find candidates for jobs at your company, enquire now to enlist the help of our London-based recruitment team and start hiring asap!

  • Given the abundance of recruitment agencies in the UK, it can be hard to determine which firm will be in the best position to help your business hire or find candidates.

    Whether you’re looking to recruit grads at entry-level or in more senior positions, it’s evident that we’d be the best recruiting agency for you…

    • Efficient Service: We aim to send pre-selected CVs to clients within 2-3 working days, working towards placing the role within our 21-day average.
    • Quality Candidates: With a candidate database of 400,000+ graduates, 84% of which have achieved a 2.1/1st, our speedy shortlisting does not have to sacrifice quality.
    • Extensive Reach: Our online presence, with 200k monthly website visitors and 65k social media followers, provides our job ads with widespread digital exposure. That’s why our ads see upwards of 20k applications every month!


    If you’re looking for an online hiring agency that allows you to post a job on their website, without any extra recruitment support, you’re in the right place. Our employee recruitment software enables businesses to post an advert directly to the Give a Grad a Go jobs board and manage applications through their employer portal. Find out more about how to advertise for a job.

    Whatever your recruiting needs, Give a Grad a Go is the recruitment agency you need to grow your team with graduate talent.

  • Good recruitment relies on knowing where to look and knowing who to approach. We know that university students are some of the most valuable business assets in the country. Universities are full of sharp, driven, intelligent people, eager to get their careers started. So, if you recruit students, you’re bringing energy and attitude into your business that can have a direct impact on productivity.

    They also add fresh perspectives to your business. This may mean reassessing certain operations, diversifying your culture, or imbuing your office with refreshing attitudes. Experience must always be paired and contrasted with new professionals: this is how the best organisations operate.

    University students tend to be exploring career options in their final years of university. At Give a Grad a Go, we have close partnerships with universities across the country, helping students work out what direction they could take after their studies.

    If you’re looking for a UK hiring agency to help you with fresh graduate hiring, get in touch today. We have a database of enthusiastic students and talented graduates, with a range of backgrounds, qualifications, and skills.

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