Our diversity and inclusion promise

At Give a Grad a Go, we have been reviewing the way we work to ensure that we are inclusive in all areas of the company, including our internal processes, the messages we send out, and the content we share.

We’re committed to working towards these goals as a company to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Alongside this, we’ve been voluntarily gathering data from candidates in our database, who are helping us build a more precise picture of where we stand in terms of candidate diversity.

Take a look at our diversity and inclusion report and see how we stack up.

Diversity and inclusion company goals:

  1. All new employees to internally receive some diversity and inclusion training, covering unbiased CV screening.
  2. Our internal operations team regularly carry out examinations of our current recruitment processes for internal recruitment, to analyse how we find employees and ensure our processes are unbiased in every aspect.
  3. We send all CVs blank to employers, with no name, helping to avoid unconscious bias and reduce discrimination at CV application stage.
  4. All job specifications are checked over by our content marketing team before they’re posted on our website, to ensure they align with our D&I promise and reflect best practices. We clearly state on our job board that Give a Grad a Go is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, disability, or other.”
  5. On our new job board, candidates can now use the ‘benefits’ filter to only show jobs at companies with a ‘clear diversity policy’.
  6. We educate the clients we work with on diversity and inclusion, for example, our detailed blog and video guide on the benefits of diversity in the workplace for employers and how to overcome any challenges that might arise. We will continue to educate ourselves, learn more, and create more resources for both candidates and employers we work with, to help educate others as well as ourselves.
  7. Our charity committee continually reviews the charities we support and finds gaps to ensure we are supporting a varied range of causes and organisations. We recently supported a range of LGBTQ+ charities for Pride month. We also donate to charity for every registered candidate we place (candidates choose from a list of diverse charities when signing up).
  8. Continue to look at the student societies we engage with and how we can diversify these.
  9. We regularly ask for feedback from clients, candidates, and employees through the surveys we send out. This helps us gain insight into the areas we can continue to work on internally to ensure all stakeholders are happy with our current processes.
  10. We will continue to review and strengthen our internal onboarding process, to ensure that all new hires are properly onboarded and feel included within our company culture. As part of our onboarding, new employees engage and are trained by various team members and departments to ensure they are included in all aspects of the business – within sales, operations, and marketing.

We are always looking to partner with new, diverse businesses in the UK and worldwide. If you’re interested in having a chat, or if you have an idea of how we could work together, please get in touch.

Plus, if you would like to find out more ways you can address equality in the workplace, read our employer and graduate diversity and inclusion resources below.