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Welcome to our online recruitment case study hub. Learn about some of the clients we have worked with over the years, how our relationships and recruitment solutions have differed for each client and read what they have to say about our recruitment process.


Marketing recruitment case studies with solutions

Award-winning digital marketing agency


Semetrical‘s full-service offering includes SEO, content marketing, digital PR, social media, paid media, CRM & web analytics.

“We’ve grown exponentially over the past 5 and a half years. This has been driven by the ‘drumbeat’ of graduate recruitment.

I used Give a Grad a Go to find my own first graduate job here at Semetrical, and we’ve continued to rely on their expert graduate recruitment solutions during our journey to the award-winning digital marketing agency we are today.

Our brief is for them to identify talented, ambitious graduates who align with our cultural values. The calibre of graduates provided has been nothing short of exceptional, they truly listen to us. They have surpassed expectations time and time again.”

Rory Hope, Head of Inbound Marketing at Semetrical

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  • We first began working with Semetrical when they were transitioning from a consultancy of 4 directors into a digital marketing agency.

    We helped Semetrical place its first two graduates: Ben Beckwith and Rory Hope. Within 4 years, both graduates became part of the Semetrical leadership team, holding the positions of Head of SEO and Head of Inbound Marketing respectively.

    Ben and Rory have hired, trained, and managed employees through us, and have contributed significantly to the agency’s growth. During that time, Semetrical has been awarded ‘Best Small SEO Agency’ at the EU Search Awards 2017, and ‘Best Small SEO Agency’ at the UK Search Awards 2019.

    Ben and Rory were the Account Leads for the two campaign awards the agency has picked up over the years, including ‘Best PPC Campaign’ at the EU Search Awards 2017, and the ‘Best Use of Search in B2B’ at the EU Search Awards 2019.

    Over the years, we’ve worked with Semetrical to place additional graduates across multiple departments. A number of these graduates have progressed to management and senior positions at the agency, with their talent and ambition significantly contributing to Semetrical’s nomination for the ‘Agency of the Future’ awards.

    We knew that we needed to offer Semetrical a bespoke, high-level graduate recruitment solution that could help them identify talent and personalities that aligned with their unique culture. This was a challenge, but Semetrical’s growth is a reflection of the quality of our approach to graduate recruitment.

  • With Semetrical’s requirements in mind, we assigned an Account Manager who had experience hiring for similar tech and digital roles. The Account Manager was able to tap into their personal network of suitable candidates, and market the role accordingly, all with a clear view of Semetrical’s hiring goals.

    The search for top digital marketing candidates involved advertising on our own jobs board and on our network of leading UK job boards, as well as email marketing to our huge database of graduate job seekers.

    Through Give A Grad A Go, Semetrical has hired graduates at a range of seniority levels in various different roles: Content Specialist, Developer, SEO Executive, Digital Analyst, and Paid Media Manager.

    Hiring at a graduate level and through to more senior roles has given Semetrical access to the full scope of our database, marketing and wider network.

Award-winning digital marketing agency

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Dentsu Aegis Network is the 4th largest media group in the world, comprised of 10 global network brands with over 40,000 employees across 145 countries.

Amplifi (the media investment division of Dentsu Aegis Network) approached us with the goal of making multiple hires for their graduate rotational scheme.

Having received few applications on their own job advertisements, Amplifi wanted 8 hires to join their graduate programme but did not have the large network of junior talent they required to do so.

We’ve now hired graduates in a range of different roles for Amplifi, from Developers and Engineers to Analysts.



Our solution was to build a custom careers microsite that would promote the opportunity to our vast database and wider student network. By embedding engaging video content on the homepage, candidates could get a deeper insight into the business. Not only was the site used to gather applications and provide ongoing support to candidates, but it also helped to enhance Amplifi’s EVP which enabled them to stand out from competitors.


  • With Amplifi’s unique requirements and hiring goals in mind, we wanted to come up with a solution that would make the right candidates want to apply for the opportunity. The aim was to simplify the hiring process for Amplifi, and provide constant support to candidates to ensure effective onboarding and minimise the drop-off rate.

    Our solution was to build a custom careers microsite that would promote the opportunity to our vast database and wider student network. The content of the microsite would give candidates an insight into the business and the opportunity itself. The site would also be used to gather applications and provide a point of contact and ongoing support for candidates.

    Once the microsite received applications, we would then arrange a 40-person assessment day, by screening, vetting and shortlisting the top candidates on behalf of Amplifi.

  • With Amplifi looking for such a quick turnaround, it was essential that we implemented a clear project plan for the site build, development and subsequent recruitment process.

    Our creative team worked with Amplifi to build and deploy the microsite. We then assigned a dedicated Account Manager to the project, who handled the site day-to-day by responding to all applications, vetting the top candidates, and arranging the assessment day.

    Following several rounds of feedback from the client, 40 well-matched candidates attended Amplifi’s assessment day. From these candidates, Amplifi successfully made 8 graduate hires onto their rotational scheme.

    The microsites we create for clients can be further developed to advertise other roles and graduate programmes for the purpose of continued hiring in the future.

Data & AI recruitment case study examples

Data and automation marketing agency

Brainlabs is an award-winning performance marketing agency that uses data and automation to drive exceptional results for its clients.

Having always been at the cutting edge of digital marketing, Brainlabs’ team is comprised of a number of highly technical marketers. Most of the team have a science, maths or tech background, rather than a grounding in traditional marketing.

When we began working with Brainlabs, they had been in operation for 5 years. Having grown rapidly to a team of 100+ employees, their own internal hiring team was making huge numbers of hires but needed further support.

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  • Looking for a wave of bright, ambitious graduates with the technical capabilities to support their business and facilitate further growth, Brainlabs decided to work with us on a retained basis. Due to the sheer amount of hires they were making, this would drastically reduce their cost per hire.

    This is our Project RPO service, whereby we agree on a set number of hires and a set fee for the project. This works out to be more cost-efficient for our clients because there is a fixed agreement in place and the work is exclusively ours.

    Read on for further information about our recruitment process outsourcing case study, or if you have questions about how Project RPO works then get in touch today.

  • With their unique requirements in mind, we assigned Brainlabs an Account Manager who had previous experience in recruiting for technical roles. The Account Manager already had a network of suitable candidates and a clear understanding of Brainlabs’ hiring goals.

    The search involved sourcing candidates from top UK universities, all of whom had a good technical grounding. We then provided a thorough screening to ensure that they were the right fit for Brainlabs’ business and dynamic working environment. Once Brainlabs had been presented with a carefully curated shortlist of candidates, they were able to review our selection and provide their feedback.

    By maintaining a strong line of communication throughout the process, we were able to alter and refine our search according to feedback and process developments. This enabled us to present candidates that suitably matched the company’s requirements. We have now helped Brainlabs make a number of permanent placements, from Display Account Managers to Software Developers.

World-leading research facility

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Google DeepMind use AI to respond to some of the world’s most complex problems. Having been acquired by Google in 2014, they have research centres in Canada and the US, and their team has more than trebled in size.

With their internal hiring team focusing on recruiting senior academics and researchers, DeepMind was looking for a reliable service that would allow their team to continue their day-to-day work, whilst simultaneously being able to hire junior talent efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • When they first approached us, Google DeepMind was looking to hire candidates with 1-2 years of experience, predominantly in HR and recruitment roles. To accommodate their requirements, we provided them with a dedicated Account Manager who had extensive experience in hiring for similar roles.

    Due to the unique nature of DeepMind’s business, and the level of experience they were looking for, the Account Manager’s expertise was crucial to finding and shortlisting the right candidates. In this case, this was candidates with 1 year of experience or more, who were looking to take the next step in their career.

    Each time Google DeepMind has come back to us to hire again, we have been able to respond to their needs by sourcing, screening and vetting the top candidates on their behalf. This has allowed their internal team to focus on recruiting senior-level talent.

Property & retail hiring case study

Airbnb management platform

Houst (formally Airsorted) is the largest and fastest-growing Airbnb management platform in the world, handling over 2,000 homes across 23 global cities.

When we began working with Houst, the company was in its very earliest stages and coming back to us intermittently to make ad-hoc hires.

When Houst had been in operation for 2 years, it had raised by far its biggest round of funding yet. Growing rapidly, and expanding into multiple different cities, Houst was looking to build up its team across the UK.

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  • Houst wanted to find fresh talent to grow their startup team quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. This would prove to be a challenge without the time, internal workforce, or access to the pool of candidates they required.

    Our solution was to assign Houst a dedicated Account Manager who had experience working with similarly fast-growing startups. This Account Manager could offer them both insider knowledge of the graduate market and provide advice on hiring strategy.

    Tasked with sourcing candidates across several UK cities, we marketed the opportunities to our vast database of candidates, arranged travel for candidates to attend interviews, and handled administrative duties on their behalf.

    Over the last 15 months of working with Houst, we have successfully helped them make multiple hires for their graduate programme.

Finance recruitment case studies

London foreign exchange specialist

Alpha FX is a stock exchange-listed organisation that works with a number of global businesses and institutions to help them manage their FX exposure.

With their business model centred around providing exceptional customer service to their clients, Alpha approached us looking to recruit for not only finance-related roles, but to hire a number of candidates who could support their company vision and facilitate further growth.

Looking to hire for roles ranging from FX Brokers and Project Coordinators to highly technical Software Developers and IT Support Technicians, Alpha wanted to gain access to our vast pool of diverse talent and our wider student network.

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  • To accommodate the breadth of roles that Alpha was looking for, it was more beneficial to assign a different Recruitment Consultant to each of Alpha’s roles, rather than making one Consultant responsible for all of their junior hirings.

    The Consultants’ searches involved sourcing candidates at different levels, and from different backgrounds, conducting thorough candidate screenings, and submitting a shortlist of vetted candidates for the client’s review, to ensure they matched exactly what Alpha was looking for.

    Since they started working with us, Alpha has always had a point of contact with one primary Account Manager, who has been able to relay any changes to their requirements and hiring objectives to the rest of the team.

    Consistently, though, Alpha FX has benefitted from having different Consultants’ broad networks of candidates for each one of its unique opportunities.

    Having now worked with Alpha for a number of years, many of the graduates we have placed have developed within the company – including a candidate who is now a Director.

World-leading wealth and asset management

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Rothschild & Co is one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups. With over 50 global offices, they are extremely well-known in the fields of global advisory, wealth management and merchant banking.

Rothschild & Co were looking to outsource the time-consuming process of sourcing, vetting and hiring great junior talent. The company decided to use Give a Grad a Go’s graduate recruitment services to help them discover their next wave of top candidates.

From the start, the Hiring Manager made it very clear that every shortlisted candidate needed to have both business acumen and the right personality for their business.


  • With their precise requirements in mind, we assigned them an Account Manager who had plenty of experience recruiting for finance-related roles, a good understanding of their company culture, and a number of suitable candidates already in mind.

    Upon introduction, the Account Manager worked closely with the Hiring Manager to define a detailed hiring strategy. Next, the Account Manager conducted a thorough vetting process, including both face-to-face and telephone screenings, and provided Rothschild & Co with a shortlist of well-matched candidates within just a few days.

    Throughout the screening process, we made sure that each applicant not only showed interest in financial markets, but had thoroughly researched the company itself, guaranteeing that Rothschild & Co would have a good number of suitable, vetted, and well-prepared candidates to choose from.

    With their Hiring Manager working with our team to outline the company’s hiring requirements from the start, Rothschild & Co have been able to outsource the recruitment process, trust our selections, and focus on other aspects of their business.

    Having now made several successful hires, they have returned to us on a number of occasions looking to recruit for similar roles. As a testament to the calibre of candidates we have placed at Rothschild & Co, many of them have progressed to senior roles within the business, including an Associate.

Tech recruitment case studies

UK-based tech consultancy


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A bespoke, UK-based tech consultancy, Diegesis supports companies seeking to develop, upgrade, or consolidate their IT. It helps organisations release the full potential of their business-critical legacy systems, giving their infrastructure a new lease of life alongside cloud migration for a sustainable future.

Diegesis were looking for exceptional graduate talent, and were interested in hiring candidates that came from a range of academic disciplines. It was becoming very difficult to find the right calibre at the right quantity, and was therefore hard to develop lasting relationships with other recruiters.

Ultimately, Diegesis wanted a way to get into contact with candidates straight out of university. The goal was to champion bright, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals, who were looking to begin a career in technology, but didn’t know where to start. This is where we stepped in.

Read the story from Nick’s perspective over on our success story blog.

  • Our then Recruitment Consultant (and now Client Lead & Key Account Manager) Joe Goddard, was tasked with helping Nick fulfil these hiring ambitions. Nick and Joe worked together to establish what success looks like for Diegesis and to create a clear recruitment strategy.

    Over the past 3 years, this strategy has excelled, and Joe has helped Diegesis to hire 54 exceptional graduates. Our work has helped the team cement their growth plans, continue to develop even during COVID, and successfully launch new products in 2022.

    And in the process, the Diegesis team have developed a productive and comfortable relationship with Joe. As a result, Joe has built a second-to-none understanding of Diegesis as a business, brand, and group of people. And through Joe, Diegesis were able to communicate with some of the country’s best graduate talent, right after leaving university.

    Joe provided insider knowledge of the graduate market to ensure that Nick hired software developers who were right for the culture and working style of Diegesis. As we realised the term “software developer” was too narrow we have now evolved our role to “software engineer” and at interview we explain that this means people who want to gain a broad and diverse set of skills across the SFIA+ framework, not just someone who codes.

    This two-way relationship is fundamental to businesses, like Diegesis, that want to scale their hiring.

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