The benefits of advertising on job boards: Job boards for recruiters

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You need to grow your team and you’re looking for more avenues to find the right hire. 

Advertising on job boards, and often niche ones, is a great solution.

The benefits are clear – they:

  • Save time
  • Are cost-effective
  • Widen your reach
  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Improve your team faster and more accurately

So, if you’ve come to this blog wondering ‘are job boards effective?’, the answer is yes. 

You just need to know how to advertise on job boards effectively.

Below, we’ll talk about what you can get out of posting on job search engines, and how it can strengthen your business.

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What are job boards?

Job boards are online platforms that allow employers to advertise their job vacancies.

In response, jobseekers can browse and apply for jobs.

Job boards will display a large list of opportunities from a variety of companies. 

The opportunities will be supplemented by job advertisements and job descriptions, providing relevant details about the role. 

Often, job boards let jobseekers create profiles, streamlining contact between employer and prospective employee.

As an employer, it is best to view a job board as a hub of potential hires. 

It is a chance to put your job directly in front of jobseekers, as people will frequent online job boards daily.

Job boards are your fast track to your ideal hire. 

What is job advertising?

Job advertising is the process of promoting your vacancy to an audience of potential jobseekers.

It can be done both internally, amongst your current employees, and externally, to attract a wider audience.

It is a critical aspect of the recruitment process, as it helps you attract and identify the most suitable candidates for open positions.

Job advertising is often aimed at individuals who are actively seeking employment or considering a career change.

This makes it a very direct and effective route to finding a prospective hire.

Additionally, once reaching this audience, job advertising is often informative and detailed.

Particularly job board advertising gives you the space to provide candidates with specific information about the job, company, and application process.

In this way, it’s also an opportunity to avoid attracting candidates who will not be suitable. The more detail you provide, the quicker you’ll find the hire you’re really looking for.

Where should I advertise my job?

Job advertising can be done through a variety of mediums.

These include:

  • Online job boards
  • Social media
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Local newspapers or magazines
  • Career portals
  • Job fairs
  • And other events!

Without advertising on job boards and career websites, your only resource is your personal reach or network.

This may be sizeable, but it will never be as extensive as the reach you acquire through job advertising.

Also, to ensure diversity in the workplace, you can seek out specific job boards for diverse candidates.

Does a job have to be advertised?

In short, no. There is no legal requirement.

But you’ll be making things much trickier for yourself if you don’t!

For little extra cost, you’re greatly increasing your chances of sourcing great talent.

So, while you may not be duty-bound to advertising on job boards online, it is smart recruitment strategy to do so.

Why are job advertisements important?

Again, while they are not a legal necessity, the logic of job advertisements is impossible to ignore.

  1. According to our graduate statistics, 81% of graduates use job boards to find roles. Sure, alternative advertising continues to rise in importance, like social media and WhatsApp alerts. But traditional platforms aren’t going anywhere.
  2. Job boards are getting smarter and easier to use. If you neglect job search engines, your vacancy will be neglected in return. So, give your role every bit of exposure it needs.
  3. Hiring mistakes are costly! So it’s crucial to make sure you have a strong pool of candidates to choose from. And job boards are by far the best way to establish this talent pool!

What are the benefits of advertising on job boards?

The benefits are endless. 

We all want to grow our teams with speed, accuracy, and as little cost as possible. 

Job board sites are the answer.

Whether you’re in fintech recruitment or marketing recruitment, the point remains the same.

But, there is no use in advertising on a job board unless you know how to best construct a job advertisement. 

There is an art to writing a strong, informative, and appealing job advertisement. And it all hinges on the job description.

If you don’t get this right, then you’ll struggle to see the success you’re expecting from job sites!

So, before you post, make sure you’re clued up on how to write a job description.

Overall, advertising on job boards can be a cost-effective and efficient recruitment strategy that allows employers to reach a wider pool of candidates and target specific job roles.

Let’s get into the detail.

The benefits of advertising on job boards

  • Your ideal candidate is out there, you just need the resources to find them. 

    Job board websites simplify the process. A key benefit of advertising on job boards is the wide reach they offer. 

    Job boards provide access to a large and diverse audience.

    They help increase the chances of finding the right candidate by helping you access demographics or groups of people you may not otherwise be able to.

    For example, company websites and social media advertisements can only go so far. And predominantly let you access individuals who are already aware of your brand.

    Job boards also allow you to reach passive job seekers, who may not know your company or may not even actively be looking for a job.

    Passive job seekers make up a significant portion of the workforce, and advertising on job boards can be an effective way to attract these individuals.

    These candidates are often highly skilled, experienced, but not entirely settled in their company. 

    You could be the one to make them turn their heads!

    By leveraging the wide reach of job boards, you increase the visibility of your job vacancies and build a stronger talent pool.

  • Everyone’s looking to make their hiring process as cost-effective as possible. 

    You want to provide maximum value for your money spent, and job boards are perfectly suited for this. 

    Most sites offer a variety of affordable bundle packages and different pricing options tailored to different budgets. 

    Sure, buying sponsored advertisements on bigger job sites like Indeed can become expensive. 

    But, more niche job search engines can provide cheaper, smarter, and often more flexible alternatives. 

    For example, Give a Grad a Go’s job board specialises in graduate and early career jobseekers. 

    You can start advertising for as little as £250 (+VAT), and by doing so reach a database of over 400,000 graduates. 

    And, ultimately, this is what advertising on job boards is about. 

    Not just spending money for the sake of it. But spending money because you know it’s going towards an efficient and effective resource.

    Job boards allow employers to reach a larger pool of potential candidates in a shorter amount of time. 

    This increases the chances of finding the right candidate quickly, saving you time and money. 

    In doing so, you bring down long-term costs as well as short-term costs!

  • An often less-considered benefit is that a job advertisement is still fundamentally an advertisement for your company.

    By paying for a job advert, you don’t just get the opportunity to promote one role. 

    It is a chance to get your company name, purpose, and values promoted publicly on a different website. 

    So, when people ask us ‘why are job adverts important’, or even ‘do job boards work?’, we always direct them to this point. 

    A job advertisement, in this way, is what you make of it.

    In a well-considered, detailed job description, you’ll be able to shout about your mission, values, culture, and benefits. 

    You know your company can offer people something more than just a salary – so be proud of that!

    In the long run, employer branding improves employee retention. You don’t just want to hire individuals, you want to keep them around!

    So, make sure you’ve got a strong employee value proposition (EVP), and communicate this clearly in your job advertisement.

  • If you already know what sort of hire you’re looking for, then job websites are brilliant. 

    Particularly those that specialise in a certain industry or demographic. 

    You may know the sort of skills the role needs, but not have access to a large pool of candidates to hire the right person

    The good thing is, there is a job board for most industries or business type out there.

    Job boards for startups or job boards for creatives, for example, can be found in abundance. 

    Even on broader job websites, you can tailor your job postings to reach specific audiences. 

    Job boards will almost always have categories for different industries, roles, and experience levels, which jobseekers use to narrow down their search. 

    You’ll then be able to edit your job advert to reach candidates who are interested in and qualified for your specific sort of role.

    Equally, you can make it very clear where your offices are located, and in some cases whether your role is remote or not.

    This may sound obvious, but it is especially useful for larger companies that operate in multiple locations, but want to make it clear they’re hiring for one area specifically.

    Beyond this, job boards help you filter out candidates by criteria like experience and salary expectations too. 

    This means that, by the interview stage, you won’t be wasting your time interviewing candidates who are clearly not suited.

  • If there’s any business process where time is truly of the essence, it is hiring.

    You don’t want to rush the process, but making sure you have the right staff for your business function is also a matter of urgency.

    Luckily, advertising on different job boards offers a simple solution to this complicated problem.

    One of the key benefits of advertising job postings is that the process doesn’t require much effort.

    Once you’ve got an accurate job description together, turned it into an attractive advert, and posted it on an appropriate job board, you’re already given yourself a huge advantage.

    Of course, you’ll want to review every candidate that replies. But, this way, the jobseekers come to you. 

    Plus, if using a job search engine with a centralised employer platform built in, you can quickly and easily track your applicant flow.

    Our job board, for example, provides an easy-to-use platform, where you can review your job adverts, track their performance, and assess the applicants.

    This eliminates the need for you to scramble through different documents, websites, and sheets of paper to find that great CV you saw the other day.

    With us, we put it all in one place for you.

    Make hiring easier for yourself, and start advertising on job boards today.

Advertise on our job board now to find excellent graduates!

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Recruitment is ever-changing, and there are new ways to hire every year.

And these can be utilised as supplements. 

But the importance of online job boards cannot be understated.

There is no other place to find a consistent stream of eager, skilled jobseekers.

So, prioritise advertising on job boards as your main hiring focus. 

Don’t waste any more time: post jobs today!

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