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This is a great time for employers to be recruiting remotely, with our graduate talent pool at an all-time high.


What are the benefits of remote recruiting?

More companies than ever before are now working remotely, either full-time or hybrid. This has meant that companies have been able to attract talent from a much broader talent pool without the limitations of just using local networks. This has been particularly useful for hiring graduates. Some of the obvious advantages are:

Quicker hiring process

Interview processes can be more time efficient thanks to video interviewing. Companies are also now very used to onboarding new employees remotely (which we can also support with).

Attract more skilled candidates

Staff can effectively work from anywhere, in some cases opening up international talent pools too.

More eco-friendly

Reducing transport and carbon emissions is also a good way for businesses to improve their reputation and attract customers.

Increase employee retention

Offering remote or hybrid work arrangements, not only helps to attract top talent, but also helps with retaining employees, improving morale and encouraging higher productivity.

Reduces costs

Not only for businesses but also saves money for new employees too which in turn can have a positive impact on employee morale.

Increasing agility and resilience

Being prepared to work remotely as standard practice helps to enhance business resilience and decreases risk in case of new business challenges.

85% of grads are more likely to apply to jobs offering remote or hybrid working options.

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Virtual hiring, trusted by top employers.

Our expertise

Our experience combined with our strategic recruitment planning will be beneficial for your online recruitment and make hiring remote employees easier than ever.

Need to hire quickly? We’re currently shortlisting candidates as quickly as 48 hours from receiving a job spec, meaning our clients are video interviewing well-matched people (nearly) straight away without having to advertise or screen CVs themselves.

Our bespoke services

You require the right candidates but also a service that works for you. You also need to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We offer more than just remote recruitment here at Give a Grad a Go, providing extra support with sponsored content, career micro-sites, as well as remote onboarding of employees. Find out more about our recruitment services and how we can help you grow.

our bespoke services
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Our talent network

It’s about meeting the right candidates at the right time. With such a vast database of excellent graduates, we’re able to match multiple candidates for each vacancy very quickly.

Our network reaches across the entire UK (and beyond) and our expert Account Managers will handpick the best candidates for you with our high-touch, individual screening processes.

Flexible cost solutions

Revolutionise your remote hiring process with our cost-effective solutions.

How we can help you

We can help you find remote workers through a variety of recruitment processes, no matter what your goals or intentions are. Here are just a few of the ways we can help to progress your organisation in the right direction.



Temp-to-perm hiring:

Exceptionally busy but budgets won’t allow for paying perm fees? Or does hiring someone permanently without meeting them seem too risky? If so, temp-to-perm hiring with a short 1-6 month trial period, could be the answer.


Hiring now for delayed starts:

We’re seeing some fantastic candidates coming onto the market now – and they are getting snapped up. Deferring start dates is a great way of securing people, getting contracts signed and agreeing on start dates for later in the year.


Recruit Contractors:

Usually more suited to larger firms;  if headcount is an issue then we can payroll your remote Contractor hires and charge a margin on top for processing.


Referral scheme:

We are offering a 50% discount on your next hire when you refer us to a company that we successfully place with.


Talent pipe-lining:

If you’re in a sector that is flourishing and need some more support to qualify and vet candidates or just need access to a larger talent pool, then we have the capacity and the database to streamline that for you.


Employer marketing:

We can offer employer marketing support, whether it be to engage with grads or email our database. We can drive talent to your website, increase direct applications and build your pipeline for future hiring.


We continue to win awards year-on-year for our service. Offering the best recruitment process, we’ll make your hiring decisions smoother and quicker.



Joe has materially outperformed any other remote Recruitment Agent I have ever worked with. Going the extra mile at the end of the day, he beats other organisations in his speed at identifying candidates.

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Nick Denning – Chief Executive Officer at Diegesis

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