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I’m Give a Grad a Go’s Digital Designer. Working mainly within the Marketing Team, I handle our student and graduate marketing as well as ensure our brand consistency throughout a range of platforms.

My area of expertise

I am the go-to guy for all GaGaGo’s creative needs. I keep everything fresh and eye-catching, and I make sure that our brand is being pushed to the furthest it can be creatively. I also help to maintain our strong branding throughout all of our work across a broad medium of different social media accounts, websites, and more.

Why I chose to work at Give a Grad a Go

I’m a people person, and I love being surrounded by great people. That’s why I chose to work at GaGaGo, where I get to be surrounded by an incredible team with a great work ethic and amazing personalities. Every day is different and exciting because we’re always learning new things and facing new challenges.

The worst job I’ve had

During my studies, I worked in the university sports shop. I had to work in the back room of a shop sticking vinyl onto different sports tops for the different sports teams. I would spend 8 hours shifts just using a heat press all day which I had to look at as character building.