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I’m an Account Manager at Give a Grad a Go, so my role involves matching talented candidates with exciting companies looking to hire graduates in the UK and across the globe.

My area of expertise

By working closely with our amazing Consultants and Key Account Managers I’m able to place candidates into job roles they’ll truly be happy in. My experience in customer service has allowed me to provide a friendly service that helps candidates succeed and utilise the knowledge I have learnt here at Give a Grad a Go, ultimately guiding them in the right career direction for them.

Why I chose to work at Give a Grad a Go

I knew I wanted to join Give a Grad a Go from the moment I had my first conversation with Megan. Everyone I spoke to throughout my own recruitment process was so helpful and lovely – I knew it was an environment I wanted to work in. The intense care and thought that each Recruitment Consultant has when matching candidates to jobs is amazing – so I consider myself very lucky to be learning from the best! We have all been graduates on the job hunt, and at Give a Grad a Go they really do recognise that and want to make the process as enjoyable and easy as possible for each candidate, so I am now very excited to be a part of that.

The worst job I’ve had

The worst job I had was during the pandemic where I was tasked with selling travel and accommodation during a nationwide lockdown – challenging to say the least. Additionally, we were working from home which would have been fine if my manager didn’t insist we worked at his house. With the living / dining area functioning as office space and his dog’s toilet, it was ultimately not a pleasant experience and one I don’t enjoy reminiscing about!

💼 I am managing these jobs

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Client Services Executive
Give a Grad a Go Wembley, London £25,000 - £28,000 per year
Socials / team bonding days
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Media Analyst
Give a Grad a Go Liverpool £26,000 - £30,700 per year
Bonus opportunities
Cycle to work scheme
Pension plan
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Client Associate
Give a Grad a Go Nottingham £26,000 - £27,000 per year
Life insurance
Pension plan
Education assistance / sponsorship