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As Managing Director, my role is to oversee the day to day running of Give a Grad a Go. I make sure that our team is reaching its full potential, offering both graduates and clients the best possible service.

My area of expertise

At Give a Grad a Go, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our team is consistently supplying exceptional levels of service and that we’re working with the best businesses in the UK to help create unrivalled career paths for recent graduates. I started in the business as a fresh graduate so have first hand experience of both job hunting after university and working my way through the ranks of a growing start-up.

Why I chose to work at Give a Grad a Go

I originally came into the Give a Grad a Go office as a recent graduate to discuss potential career opportunities. I was really taken aback by the fantastic working atmosphere and cameraderie at Give A Grad A Go, and when Cary called a few hours later to invite me in for a trial, it felt right. I’ve been here since 2011!

The worst job I’ve had

My worst job would have to be standing in the freezing cold on the rainy weekends trying to flog all sorts of meat at a brand new farmers market in London Fields. Whilst this job could be hugely enjoyable and rewarding when you have a queue of eager punters on a sunny summers day; working a brand new market with all of 10 people coming through the gates is a different kettle of fish. Especially when you’re paid a commission of that days sales… But a great way to learn resilience and to make sure every sale counts!