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I’m a Junior Digital Designer at Give a Grad a Go. I work with the marketing team to create graphics for digital platforms.

My area of expertise

As a Digital Designer, I create graphics and visual content across digital platforms to communicate Give a Grad a Go’s brand to graduates and employers.

Why I chose to work at Give a Grad a Go

Since graduating last year, I faced the challenges of job searching, when the opportunity came up at Give a Grad a Go, I saw it as a great opportunity to use my skills to help others in similar situations. The team here made me feel incredibly supported and welcome throughout the hiring process. I’m really enjoying working at Give a Grad a Go so far and look forward to gaining more experiences!

The worst job I’ve had

The worst job I’ve had was last year when I worked in a pub, a woman screamed at me and also called me a disgrace because the kitchen had ran out of vegetarian options.