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I’m Give a Grad a Go’s Digital Marketing Coordinator. I work alongside the marketing team to optimise content for the website, both across the job boards and blogs, in order to attract a wide range of graduates and employers alike! 

My area of expertise

My role as Digital Marketing Coordinator primarily involves the optimisation of content using SEO techniques, as well as writing copy for both the candidate and employer blog posts, and managing social media content in collaboration with the marketing team. My role also involves working with the sales team to ensure the smooth running of job advertisements.

Why I chose to work at Give a Grad a Go

As a recent graduate myself, I have used Give a Grad a Go’s services since completing university. My experience with the company when applying for jobs was always extremely positive, with a personal and genuine approach from the recruiters. I loved this side of the company, so was delighted to see an internal opening for a role exactly down my street!

The worst job I’ve had

When I first left university, I spent time working in a high-end kitchenware shop. The company’s aim was to provide people with expert kitchenware and cooking advice, something which I didn’t receive a lot of training on. As you can probably guess, it became quite stressful having to learn on the go how to advise people to correctly use a Japanese chef’s knife or maintain a £400 cast-iron pot with no prior knowledge…