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I’m a Recruitment Consultant at Give a Grad a Go, so my role involves matching graduates with exciting companies looking to hire in the UK and across the globe.

My area of expertise

I’m a Recruitment Consultant, I currently support the other consultants in profiling candidates, screening applications, and giving my recommendations to help match talented candidates with new and exciting opportunities.

Why I chose to work at Give a Grad a Go

I work alongside senior consultants on various roles, for a range of different companies. I previously worked in Recruitment for an ESL teaching agency in Beijing which has really helped me appreciate the significance of matching the right candidate to the right client to ensure they will be happy and successful. With other offers from different agencies on the table, I didn’t hesitate in choosing to work for Give a Grad a Go and I certainly haven’t regretted it. It’s a friendly and welcoming culture where everyone is part of the same team and works together.

The worst job I’ve had

I’ve been fortunate to really enjoy all the jobs I’ve had. I think when I’m working with the right people any job can be enjoyable. However, that being said, I use to work in event construction and no matter how good the team was, I don’t ever want to work outdoors in the British winter again!