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Are you ready to start applying for graduate jobs, but still unsure about what you should do?

Whether you’re searching for your first graduate job, or thinking about making a career change, applying for your ideal job starts with deciding which job sector is right for you.

Last year, 86% of our graduates were hired in job roles that they didn’t originally apply for, so although you might think you know what job or industry you’d like to work in, you might just find there is a different career path you hadn’t thought of, waiting around the corner.

Lucky for you, the Give a Grad a Go team of graduate recruitment experts have compiled a complete guide to job sectors… take the career test to help you have a better idea about which industry you should work in!

What is a job sector?

The UK jobs market is split into a number of job sectors or industries, each with their own very different benefits, features, and challenges.

Within each sector, there are a range of job roles, at very different types and sizes of companies, each requiring a variety of skills and qualifications.

The market research in this article has been conducted by Give a Grad a Go, based on 2018 statistics of the 196 businesses in the UK that we worked with last year, and the 486 graduates we placed in jobs.

Each of the sectors in the following guide represents a popular career choice for graduates in 2018.


What job should I do? How to decide

Everyone knows how important it is to choose the right career – so it’s worth spending time deciding which sector is right for you.

The following guide contains key information on different sectors (that Give a Grad a Go has worked on), including:

  • The benefits of working in each industry
  • The most common job roles for graduates
  • The average starting salary
  • Graduate gender representation for each sector

Technology industry – IT, Software, Engineering and Digital

Technology is one of the fastest-growing and highest-valued industries globally, with the UK sitting at the very forefront of innovation.

Businesses within this sector focus on areas such as web, software and app development.

Some roles involve creating, developing, supporting, and solving problems relating to, technological innovations, while others are vital to the distribution of technological goods and services – these can include sales, marketing, client services and account management.

  • The technology sector offers graduates fast progression, the chance to learn and utilise new skills, and often a relaxed startup or non-corporate working environment.

    • 37% Account Exec / Client Services
    • 16% Sales & Business Development
    • 10% Developer
  • £24,113 annual salary

    • 55% female graduates
    • 45% male graduates

Still wondering “what job should I do?”

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Marketing and advertising sector

We interact with marketing and advertising on a daily basis – from adverts we read on the train, to when we are choosing which product to buy at a supermarket.

Businesses within the marketing and advertising sector aim to raise awareness of, and promote, a brand, organisation or specific product or service to customers.

Job roles in marketing and advertising are usually either in-house at an organisation, or at an agency – and can focus on content, social media, digital marketing, account management and analytics

  • The marketing and advertising sectors offer graduates exposure to creativity, a varied work schedule and the flexibility to specialise in one specific area.

    • 36% Project Manager
    • 28% Digital Marketing
    • 10% Sales and Business Development
  • £22,826 annual salary

    • 74% female graduates
    • 26% male graduates


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Banking and finance sector

The banking and finance sector is vital to the global economy, comprising a range of different services – from investment, insurance and loans, to commercial banking and accounting.

Most businesses in the banking and finance sector are large, established organisations, that provide structured, and highly competitive, graduate schemes and graduate jobs.

Roles can include broking, trading, accountancy, administration and trend forecasting.

  • The banking and finance sector offers a fast paced, challenging environment, structured training and development, and generally, an above-average starting salary.

    • 45% Finance
    • 20% Sales and Business Development
    • 16% Analyst
  • £26,235 annual salary

    • 29% female graduates
    • 71% male graduates


Still wondering “what job should I do?” Could the banking and finance sector be right for you? Head over to our jobs board to find out what graduate banking and finance jobs we have available.

PR and communications industry

The PR and communications sector is crucial to helping business create and sustain a positive public image of themselves. A role in PR involves building relationships with clients and journalists, writing press releases, and often pitching to win new business.

PR jobs usually focus on account management, but can also involve creating content, operating social media and running PR campaigns.

  • The PR and communications sector offers variation, the chance to build up a large professional network, and a fast-paced and fulfilling career.

    • 41% Account Executive / Client Services
    • 30% Project Manager
    • 14% Business Support / Analyst
  • £21,875 annual salary

    • 64% female graduates
    • 39% male graduates


Still wondering “what job should I do?” Could the PR and communications sector be right for you? Head over to our jobs board to find out what graduate PR and communications jobs we have available.

FinTech (Financial Technology) sector

FinTech is an emerging sector that has disrupted and revolutionised traditional financial services. FinTech includes everything from banking apps and insurance technology, to stock trading websites, cryptocurrency, and cyber security, and includes a lot of fast-growing, innovative startups with big investment behind them.

Job roles in FinTech include account management, solutions, product management, engineering and development.

  • The FinTech sector offers graduates a fast-paced schedule, the chance to have an impact on a growing industry, and the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies.

    • 29% Account Executive / Client Services
    • 20% Business Support / Analyst
    • 19% Sales and Business Development
  • £27,400

    • 50% female graduates
    • 50% male graduates

Still deciding on “what job should I do?” Could the FinTech sector be right for you? Head over to our jobs board to find out what graduate FinTech jobs we have available.

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

The FMCG sector is comprised of household items such as food, drink and pharmaceuticals, that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost. Some of the biggest and best-known brands in the world operate within the FMCG sector, and job roles can include everything from buying, selling, logistics and merchandising, to branding and account management.

  • The FMCG sector can offer graduates exposure to working in a huge global industry, great training and professional development opportunities, and the chance to work with some of the best-known companies in the world.

    • 35% Account Exec / Client Services
    • 24% Business Support / Analyst
    • 20% Sales and Business Development
  • £21,928 annual salary

    • 85% female graduates
    • 15% male graduates

Still wondering “what job should I do?” Could the FMCG sector be right for you? Head over to our jobs board to find out what graduate FMCG jobs we have available.

Free career quiz

Here at Give a Grad a Go, we are not sector specific. In fact, we work on a wide range of graduate job roles within each of the sectors in this guide – with Recruitment Consultants who specialise in each one.

With immense knowledge of each job sector, our team can tell you more about what your career test score means, as well as help you work out the kinds of graduate job roles you should start applying for.

Tip: this career test will help you out in an interview, when the employer asks why do you want to work for us? as you can use this as one of your reasons for choosing the industry!

Working out which job sectors you are best suited to, based on your unique skills, interests and requirements, is key to choosing your ideal career.

Ready to start applying for your ideal graduate job? Check out what roles we have available on our graduate jobs board.

If you are still wondering “what job should I do?”, chat to a member of the Give a Grad a Go team about your career test scores today, get in touch on 020 7100 8800.

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