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Graduate finance jobs FAQs

  • Well-paid finance graduate jobs are not necessarily hard to come by. This is perhaps unsurprising, given the expectations around the sector.

    The best paid junior finance jobs tend to be highly competitive roles at well-established, global firms.

    Last year, finance jobs for graduates offered an average salary of £33,000*, with highs of £45,000 for Finance Account Managers.

    At Give a Grad a Go, we offer a plethora of graduate jobs in finance for you to explore.

    Our job board contains jobs in finance for graduates at all stages of the job hunt; Whether you are an experienced Graduate Finance Assistant looking for the step up to Finance Executive, or a fresh grad looking for your graduate schemes in finance, we’ve got you covered.

    What are you waiting for? Browse through the graduate finance roles on our website to find finance opportunities that meet the price bracket you’re after. Once you find a graduate finance role that suits you, register a profile with us to apply for the job.

    Don’t worry – registering only takes two minutes. 

    When you register to our site, make sure to set up job alerts for graduate roles in finance. You can specify how often you’d like to be notified about our finance grad jobs, and we’ll email you updates accordingly (you can opt-out at any time).

    Once your CV is on our system and you have chatted to a member of our recruitment team, there is every chance they will recommend you for a high-paying finance role. We try to expand your graduate horizons as much as we can.

    Don’t miss out on free assistance from a team of experienced recruiters – it’s the easiest way to get finance graduate roles!

    *according to Give a Grad a Go internal statistics.

  • Graduate careers in finance can take many shapes, but there are some common routes that best suit graduates looking to flourish in the financial sector.

    If you’re considering becoming a Financial Advisor or Financial Analyst, but aren’t quite sure what role best suits your skillset, finance graduate schemes are a great option.

    A corporate finance graduate scheme will ease you into the working world, while offering the mentorship and scope you’ll need to help you grow into a more rounded and experienced finance grad.

    The best graduate finance schemes don’t just pay well, but allow you to explore the wide variety of roles and departments that work within the finance sector.

    In this way, graduate schemes are ideal jobs for finance graduates with no experience. 

    Speaking to one of our consultants can help you to crystallise your career focus and understand the steps you should take to get there. They will only ever put you forward for roles they think you have the skills and experience to attain, and they will give you all the assistance to help you get through the interview process.

    However, if you are an experienced graduate and know what niche you want to go into, it may be best to try and secure a more specialised role from the start.

    Whether you’re looking for something as specific as financial crime graduate jobs, or on a broader search for corporate finance graduate jobs, our job board has a role for everyone.

    Check out the finance roles we have available listed above and apply for finance jobs today!

  • Nowadays, you’re not short of options for places to find graduate openings in the finance sector. Those looking for graduate careers in finance may find the abundance of choices overwhelming.

    It is hard to know where to start, especially straight out of university. So, that’s why it’s worth your time using a service like ours.

    Firstly, you’ll be spoilt for choice. At Give a Grad a Go, we offer endless graduate roles in finance:


    • Accounting finance graduate jobs
    • Financial planning graduate jobs
    • Sustainable finance graduate jobs
    • Corporate finance graduate scheme
    • Accounting and finance graduate schemes


    But, we make it easy to work your way through these options. You can track all of your applications in one place, rather than being spread across multiple jobs boards. Also, you can receive instruction and advice from our expert Consultants.

    Not only do we have a team with years of finance experience, but our entire team is also well-equipped to deal with graduate employment circumstances.

    Having recently graduated from university ourselves, we know how overwhelming it can become to job hunt in such a competitive industry.

    We have ample experience dealing with early job seekers in similar situations to your own, so we can provide comprehensive and empathetic advice to support your search.

    We have all the tools, tips, and know-how to help you navigate the jobs market.

    So, what are you waiting for? Apply to graduate finance jobs and enlist our help today!

  • To be successful in a graduate finance job in London, you will need a broad range of skills. 

    Even for entry level finance degree jobs, you should have a good understanding of financial principles, accounting systems, and investment strategies.

    You should have strong analytical and quantitative skills, as well as excellent research and data analysis skills.

    Finally, knowledge of related technology and software programs, such as Excel and Bloomberg, will be beneficial.

    Finance jobs for graduates in London also require soft skills. Here are some of the most important soft skills you need to have to be successful:


    1. Communication skills: Being able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing is essential in the finance industry. You need to be able to explain financial concepts to clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.
    2. Problem-solving skills: You need to be able to think through problems and come up with creative solutions.
    3. Teamwork skills: Working in a team is essential in finance. You need to be able to collaborate and communicate effectively with colleagues.


    When applying for finance roles, your finance CV should highlight the relevant skills and experience you already have that will help you to succeed in the role.

    Include any internships, volunteer experience, and any financial-related coursework you have undertaken. Don’t forget to include any education or certifications related to finance that you have obtained.

  • In the graduate jobs market, accounting and finance graduate jobs are often grouped together under the same umbrella.

    Whilst graduate jobs in finance and accounting share similar attributes, there are distinct differences that determine a separation between the two sectors. 

    The primary difference between jobs in finance and jobs in accounting is the focus of the role.

    Jobs in finance typically focus on investments, managing funds, budgeting, and forecasting. Jobs in accounting, on the other hand, focus on recording financial transactions, creating financial statements, and preparing taxes.

    Both roles are essential for any business, but they focus on different aspects of financial management.

    Similarly, banking and finance graduate jobs are also fused together when job seekers are looking for graduate jobs in financial services.

    The main difference between jobs in finance and jobs in banking is that finance jobs typically involve a broader set of activities such as investment banking, corporate finance, and financial analysis, whereas banking jobs are typically more focused on customer service, product sales, and operations. 

    Regardless, jobs in finance, accounting and banking all necessitate similar skills:


    1. Analytical skills: Whether in accounting, finance or banking, you’ll need to be able to analyse data, identify patterns, and make decisions based on your findings.
    2.  Interpersonal skills: In each of these sectors you will need to be able to interact with people from all walks of life. You need to be able to build relationships and trust with clients and colleagues.
    3. Time management skills: Whichever career you choose, you’ll need to be able to juggle multiple tasks and prioritise work to meet deadlines.


    If you’ve got the right skillset for a job in finance, register to our website to start applying for the best finance opportunities in the UK!