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Marketing graduate jobs & graduate schemes

  • Considering applying to graduate jobs in marketing? Here’s an insight into what marketing graduate jobs involve…

    A career in marketing is one of the most popular career choices among graduates.

    One reason for this is that marketing grad jobs tend to offer plenty of opportunities to gain knowledge in a variety of areas. Marketing is a broad umbrella that encompasses an array of roles and career possibilities – social media marketing graduate jobs are vastly different to sports marketing graduate jobs.

    Most often, graduates starting out will begin as Marketing Assistants or Marketing Executives. Here, you’ll be exposed to a number of areas, gaining knowledge in SEO techniques, social media, copywriting, and analytics to name a few.

    Marketing is one of the most creative industries to work in, with marketing opportunities requiring you to be constantly thinking of new and innovative ways of engaging an audience and reaching more people. In graduate social media jobs, for instance, you’ll often be given responsibility from the beginning e.g. control over a company’s social media content. You’ll be expected to work both autonomously and collaboratively to apply your creativity in a variety of areas.

    However, marketing graduate roles aren’t just for the creatives. There are marketing agency graduate jobs that are based around research and analytics that are less creative and more data and logistics driven. With marketing technology constantly advancing, there is the potential to be involved with innovative platforms and systems at the front of business operations. All graduate roles in marketing, whether a content marketing job or a data analyst role, are crucial to a successful campaign.

    Marketing is a vital part of almost every successful organisation. This means you’ll have an opportunity to choose a sector or company to work for that you’re passionate about, whether this is charity, food, or sport!

  • Looking at marketing roles and unsure how to apply? If you’re wondering how to land marketing graduate positions, you will need a specific set of skills to help you succeed. Here are some of the key skills that business and marketing degree jobs require, so you can start developing these and emphasising them in your interviews.

    Though they require a broad set of skills, one of the most important skills needed for graduate positions marketing is excellent writing skills. You’ll most likely be producing copy for a variety of mediums, whether this is blogs, social media, or marketing campaigns. So, it’s essential your grammar is exceptional, and that you know how to tailor your language when writing for different platforms, clients, and brands.

    Graduate roles marketing will often require you to be working on multiple projects at once. You’ll need to be a great multitasker, be able to remain calm, and know what to prioritise when working on multiple campaigns. To further succeed in junior marketing jobs and advertising positions, you’ll have to understand the company’s or clients’ key target audience(s), and design campaigns around these.

    So, if your skills match your marketing ambitions, the best way to get a marketing job is to utilise the expertise of marketing graduate recruitment agencies. At Give a Grad a Go, we work with a number of top UK businesses, from global media brands to specialist marketing agencies, and are always looking for talented graduates to fill a range of traditional marketing and digital marketing graduate roles.

    Whether you are looking to make use of your copywriting capabilities, or employ your data analyst know-how, our jobs board has an extensive range of entry level marketing jobs and masters in marketing jobs. Register to apply today!

  • Considering applying for top marketing graduate schemes but unsure whether to apply? If you’re looking to find the best jobs with a marketing degree requirement, look no further. Marketing grad schemes are one of the best ways to explore some of the many areas the Marketing industry offers, before choosing a more specific marketing career path. A digital marketing graduate scheme allows graduates to gain valuable on the job skills in a variety of SEO, content marketing, and PPC departments.

    In this way, building marketing careers via grad schemes enables graduates to gain exposure to a variety of different techniques and skills. It helps graduates keep their options open and provides the scope to focus on a niche or speciality later down the line.

    Graduates joining a marketing graduate scheme are also given a lot of responsibility from day one. It won’t be long before they are taught how to do some of the most senior tasks, giving them early exposure to valuable skills and techniques. This exposure and fast-tracked training places graduates in a better position when applying to other roles, and allows them to more readily identify what specific sector to specialise in. This is highly beneficial given that marketing encompasses a decidedly broad spectrum of sectors.

    If you’re looking for jobs with a marketing degree that enable you to quickly gain in-depth experience within the industry, marketing graduate schemes could be an ideal option for you. And at Give a Grad a Go, we can point you in the right direction!