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FMCG jobs FAQs

  • The term FMCG refers to fast-moving consumer goods. Essentially, FMCG companies are responsible for quick sale of high demand products at a relatively low cost. The FMCG industry covers a huge variety of consumer goods, ranging from electronics to foods and beverages to newspapers and books – essentially products that are relied on every single day. FMCG companies are an enormously dynamic sphere of the business world, boasting some of the biggest global brands. FMCG companies that you might have heard of include the likes of Unilever, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Heinz.

    Working for a world-renowned brand can provide great graduate career progression, and if you’re not working for one of the big names in the industry, you’ll be helping to make your company grow to become a competitor. As such, careers in FMCG are fast-paced and can be extremely varied, depending on what part of department you are in.

    A hub of innovation, the UK is currently home to some of the most forward-thinking fast-moving consumer goods businesses out there. At Give a Grad a Go, we are proud to work with a whole host of exciting FMCG companies, from wearable technology SMEs and quirky health drink start ups to global CPG giants. If you’re a driven and ambitious graduate who enjoys working in a fast-paced sector, you should consider FMCG roles. Register to our site and apply for our exciting FMCG graduate jobs now!

  • The FMCG sector is an enormously dynamic sphere of the business world, encompassing a huge number of FMCG graduate jobs in a variety of different departments, from manufacturing to product development, finance, and food science.

    The need to continually attract customers with fresh and exciting products has seen junior FMCG jobs at the frontier of innovation. Hundreds of new products are launched each week and beginning a graduate career in FMCG could see you at the centre of this ever-evolving process, whether that’s in product packaging, marketing, or advertising. Entry level FMCG jobs offer graduates an exciting career in a constantly evolving sector where you can see the tangible results of your work on shop floors around the world!

    The major FMCG players often run FMCG graduates schemes, which offer training in a variety of these departments, designed to aid graduates’ knowledge of how a product develops through each section. FMCG graduate programs are a great way to learn the ropes of the industry, whilst gaining skills in a variety of areas with the prospect of quicker progression.

    Our FMCG jobs board has a wide range of opportunities available! All you need to do is register a profile on our site and apply – it really is that easy!

  • One of the many advantages of a career in the FMCG sector is the wide variety of employment prospects available. An FMCG company is an umbrella of various departmental divisions with a range of purposes and responsibilities. As such, there is a variety of FMCG roles to choose from, catering to a wide range of skillsets. Popular FMCG job options include:

    • Product Developer – working to improve existing brands and create new products
    • Buying Assistant – procuring ingredients, managing purchase orders, and monitoring inventory
    • Marketing Coordinator – promoting products via traditional and digital platforms to increase brand awareness and consumer demand
    • Account Manager – oversee buyer relationships with retailers and wholesalers to manage buy-in and liaise product promotion

    Essentially, there is something for everyone in the FMCG sphere. However, FMCG graduate schemes can be highly competitive and therefore difficult to acquire. But, don’t worry, our graduate recruitment services are here to help.

    Our team of FMCG specialists have placed hundreds of graduates in FMCG graduate schemes and entry level FMCG jobs. Create a profile with Give a Grad a Go, and we’ll make it easier to kickstart your FMCG career.

  • When looking at FMCG vacancies, it’s natural to be curious about what the industry has to offer in terms of career progression and potential financial gains.

    The average salary for FMCG graduate jobs sits at around £28.7K*, starting from £25,000 for job roles like Marketing Executive, to as high as £40,000 for FMCG finance jobs like Commercial Finance Executive.*

    Due to commission structures and bonus schemes, graduates in FMCG sales jobs will likely have a higher take-home salary, which will continue to grow as they progress to FMCG sales manager jobs and similar positions.

    However, if you’re pursuing a non-sales FMCG career, there are still many avenues via which to obtain higher salaries. As you gain industry experience and participate in on-the-job training, you’ll develop a wider skill set that more closely aligns with senior FMCG jobs.

    When your CV matches the requirements for high-level roles, the quickest way to progress your salary is to:

    1: Apply for a more senior FMCG job outside of your organisation: Progressing to a new role externally often provides wider avenues via which to negotiate a higher salary.

    2: Seek a promotion/salary review via your current employer: This can often be a daunting process, but if you enjoy your current role and have no concerns besides salary, then it is worthwhile broaching the subject with your management team.

    If you’ve got the hard work and determination required to develop your skill set, then a career of high financial reward should not be hard to come by.

    *According to internal Give a Grad a Go hiring statistics.

  • At Give a Grad a Go, it couldn’t be simpler to apply for FMCG jobs:

    1. Register a profile on our website, upload your CV and opt-in to receive email alerts for FMCG jobs.
    2. Browse our FMCG jobs board to find the FMCG graduate job that best suits you – make sure to read the job description, salary details and job benefits carefully to make sure that it matches your search criteria.
    3. Click the ‘apply’ button to submit an application for your desired FMCG job. You can apply to as many jobs as you want.
    4. Once you’ve applied, make sure to regularly sign in to your account to check for application updates.
    5. If your application has been successful, a recruiter will be in touch to walk you through the rest of the interview process.


    To give your application the best chance at success, make sure your CV is tailored to the specific FMCG role that you are applying for – recruiters can tell when you’ve submitted a generic CV!