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To stay ahead of competitors, it is important to know the latest news on recruitment, and to get the recruitment updates that can give your business the edge. Whether we’re relaying industry statistics or celebrating recent collaborations, there is much to glean from our recruitment news. This is also a good hub of information for those of you who are unsure about your recruitment processes.

If you’re still wondering, ‘are recruitment agencies worth it?’, read our updates and learn more about the exceeding benefits they can offer. We cover everything from new ways of recruiting and new sourcing techniques in recruitment, to information on our latest hires and our running competitions. Have a browse, and explore the most up-to-date recruitment news UK.

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  • Different processes are better suited to different companies. One-off or temp-to-perm recruitment may work better for startups, while large, established businesses may want to opt for a long-term, multi-hire solution. The fact that there are so many options is why recruitment is best managed by a service provider like ourselves, who understands the ins and outs of each of these. Keep up to date with our recruitment news to make sure you’re picking the best process for your business.

  • First, work out what your business needs, and then explore which companies can offer you this service. At Give a Grad a Go, we offer a leading, comprehensive recruitment service that encompasses many processes, as well as a stream of up-to-date job recruitment news. Scroll up to stay in the loop with all of our new recruitment strategies and recruitment latest news.

  • As vacancies remain high, many companies are continuing to hire at rapid rates. To get industry recruitment updates on who is recruiting now, browse our recruitment news above. But also head over to our jobs page, as we have many of the country’s leading companies recruiting through our platform. From burgeoning startups to established multinationals, there are a diverse range of companies recruiting via Give a Grad a Go.