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What makes graduates happy at work? 😄

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It’s no secret that happy employees tend to be more productive, better team players, and will be likely to stay at the company for longer.

Employee happiness will have a marked impact upon the success of any business – so it couldn’t be more important to take steps to ensure that it is achieved.

Studies have confirmed that salary doesn’t dictate happiness at work, and there are plenty of other ways to make sure that every employee is happy in their role.

So what makes employees happy at work?

We spoke to some of our own team of graduates to find out what makes them happy at work.

What makes Give a Grad a Go staff happy?


Isabel, Key Account Manager

“What makes me happy at work is having constant support from the wider team and management. In my role I am given a lot of autonomy and am able to work with a range of exciting and diverse clients.

This can be really challenging, which I love, but I always feel like I am well-supported by my team. I am always given great feedback on my work, as well as frequent opportunities to discuss my professional development and career goals.

Plus, no-one at Give A Grad A Go takes themselves too seriously, so it’s always a fun environment to work in!”


Will, Junior Consultant

“What makes me happy in my job is the great working environment. We have socials every month, a lunchtime run and yoga club, the option for flexi-time and weekly competitions, which keep the atmosphere in the office upbeat and dynamic.

Our team is really close and everyone feels comfortable speaking to each other, so it’s a great working environment where you feel like everyone genuinely wants to help each other, as well as our clients and candidates, to succeed.”


Gillian, Candidate Coordinator

“There are several aspects of my job that make me happy. We have a really close-knit team and a constantly positive environment, which makes it an inviting and encouraging place to work.

In terms of my role, it’s wonderful to be able to speak to so many graduates with diverse experiences and qualifications and become a part of their journey.

Being able to help candidates land their dream graduate job and have such a marked impact on people’s lives is really rewarding.”


Sally, Head of Operations

“What makes me happy at work is when team efforts are acknowledged on a company level, not just from my team but across the whole business.

In my particular role, I am able to work with many different teams, which makes each day very varied and allows me to get to know individuals on a really personal level.

Most of all, I love when all these different teams work collaboratively to reach our common goals.”

How to make graduates happy at work

Employee happiness is key to ensuring maximum engagement, productivity and retention – and from speaking to members of our own team it is clear that there are many different things that make them happy at work.


  • Autonomy

Giving employees autonomy in their own work, yet providing them with a strong support system, clear goals and ambitious objectives will help to keep them engaged in their role.


  • Social events

After-work social activities and team-building exercises encourage a work-life balance, bring people closer together and boost team morale.


  • ​A positive environment

A supportive and dynamic workplace where each team member wants to see each other succeed will ensure that employees always feel motivated and inspired.


  • Recognition

Celebrating individual and team achievements on a company level will help to bring about a collaborative working environment, as well as making employees feel valued and their efforts recognised.


However you choose to approach it, ensuring that your employees are happy at work should be a priority for every business. To make sure that graduates fall in love with your business or to discuss employee engagement, enquire now.

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