Pancake Day celebrations and fundraising! 🥞

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The office atmosphere has been in very high spirits recently after our ‘Love is in the Air’ charity auction and our recent charity campaign for the Australia bushfires.

Today, we celebrated by having a pancake station in our kitchen. A delicious range of pancakes, waffles and a selection of toppings were given out to our Give A Grad A Go office to start of the day sweetly!

Our Community and Partnerships Executive, Katie Clough organized the pancake station in aid of her London Marathon 2020 fundraising for the British Heart Foundation.

Katie explains why she’s chosen to fundraise for the British Heart Foundation:

“Many people know that the British Heart Foundation raise money which goes towards research into helping people living with heart and circulatory diseases. But not many people know that twice as many people are living with Heart and Circulatory diseases than with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease combined!

Sadly, Heart and Circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter (27% per cent) of all deaths in the UK, however since the British Heart Foundation was established the annual number of deaths from heart and circulatory diseases in the UK has fallen by around a half!”

The History of Pancake Day:

1000 years ago… Originally invented as a way to use up all the leftover ingredients in your kitchen before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, Pancake Day is over 1,000 years old!

Over 200 years ago… Baking Soda was invented by a British Chemist called Alfred Bird who made the first version to help his wife who was allergic to Yeast.

Before this, cooks often used fresh snow in their pancake mix! This strange strategy was used because the ammonia in fresh snow helped the pancakes come out fluffy and soft.

16 years ago… The largest pancake in the Guinness World Records was created in Rochdale, Manchester. The colossal pancake measured 15.01m in diameter and was 2.5cm thick!

Today….In the UK, over 52 million eggs are used on Pancake Day. This is more than 22 million which are used on an average day!

In light of this delicious day, we decided to share some of our favourite pancake recipes:

Savory Pancakes:

The Veggie Pancake: Tomato, Mushrooms and Melted Cheddar is a mouth-watering pancake recipe that is easy to make – and animal friendly! Swap the melted cheddar for soya cream to make the recipe vegan.

English Breakfast: Swap the sugar for some sizzling Bacon and scrumptious scrambled eggs! If you’re a fan, add on some hollandaise sauce for a pancake day version of eggs benedict.

The Chicken Pancake: Breaded chicken in a pancake can be molded into many mouthwatering meals. One of our favorites is the ‘fajita’ pancake with pepper and spices or the drizzled over with syrup for that savoury/sweet.


Sweet Pancakes:

Chocolate Galore: Chocolate, Nutella and Banana. This super sweet filling is not only heavenly, but also cheap and great for sharing with your friends, family or work colleagues! Top tip: Add the chocolate chips or peanut butter in with the pancake mix.

The Simple Classic: Lemon and Sugar on a pancake. The classic. Delicious.

Berry Yummy Pancake: Blueberries drizzled in Golden or Maple Syrup with some whipped or ice cream. A popular fruity sweet combination – perfect!

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