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With February Random Acts of Kindness Day, Valentine’s Day and our recent charity campaign for the Australian bushfires, Give a Grad a Go are feeling the love.

Our charity committee put their heads together to find a way to share the love around our office for a good cause. From there, Give a Grad a Go hosted our first ‘Sharing the Love’ Charity Auction in our office on Friday.

The charity committee asked everyone in the office to come up with an idea for something they could do or give to a fellow employee for charity.

These were auctioned around the office, with all the proceeds going to the St Giles Trust. They do some excellent work helping people improve their career prospects, something which we are passionate about ourselves. St. Giles help nearly 25,000 people who have been held back by issues such as poverty, addiction, abuse and crime.

We are delighted to announce that we raised a phenomenal £​1,000!


Here are some of the services that were auctioned:

  • CEO Cary Curtis kicked things off by auctioning a Manicure at the Ned or a haircut at Jack the Clipper.
  • Our managing director BT (formally known as Ben Taylor) enticed everyone with a 10am start on a Friday, and an Uber eats breakfast upon your arrival.
  • Key account manager Joe Goddard offered two free passes for use of the facilities and classes at the gym next door. This is a great way to mix up our exercise routine from our Tuesday and Thursday run club and get fit in time for our annual work holiday – this year we are going to Barcelona!
  • Meera Mawkin, our Business Development Executive is not just business savvy. She is also an influential fashion blogger, getting discounts and free items from high profile fashion brands. Using her style for a good cause, Meera auctioned two free items from online fashion retailer Missguided.
  • From the Marketing Team, Digital Designer Ellie Short and our Digital Analyst Jess Hart took their creative talent to the kitchen. Ellie auctioned a week of meal prep while Jess offered to bake a personalized cake, described as “a fabulous shrine-like masterpiece to you”.
  • Senior Recruitment Consultant, Luke Owen Edmunds has offered to be a personal chauffeur for an afternoon. Whether you’re planning an IKEA trip but don’t want to carry everything on the tube, or have a big date coming up but a Limo is too extravagant? Sorted!
  • Full time Candidate Resourcer and part time office DJ Tony Cupac auctioned off his rights of being office DJ. According to Tony, this is the prime opportunity to “impress all your colleagues with your dubious music taste” – tempting!
  • Marketing Executive Lydia Hickson offered to be a PA for the day. This includes fetching drinks from our drinks fridge, washing up your breakfast and answering the phone for you.


Unfortunately, our bespoke and expert recruitment services were not in the auction. But, if you are interested in the benefits of our hiring services we would love for you to get in touch!



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