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With the cost of university increasing year on year and a report from the Times Higher Education finding the UK to be one of the most expensive places to study in the world, it’s not surprising that many university students find themselves in difficult financial situations and racking up large amounts of debt.

Whilst university is an excellent opportunity to make new friends, get involved in exciting projects and study a subject you are passionate about, it also brings financial worries for many.

Getting a part-time job at uni is an excellent way to help relieve some of the financial pressure, as well as learn new skills and help settle into university life.

We’ve put together a guide on part-time jobs at university, from the best places to find a part-time job, to the type of work available and how to best manage part-time work alongside your studies.

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Why get a part-time job at university

Working a part-time job for students can have many positive impacts during the course of your degree, here are some of the main benefits:

  • Working part-time during your studies will allow you to gain some extra cash. This can be used to cover the cost of living if required or can be a bit of extra money to use on socialising. Working part-time is also a great way to learn to budget and spend money wisely.

  • Working a part-time job can also allow you to develop many different workplace skills that you can go on to use throughout your career.

    Team-working, communication, time management, commercial awareness and initiative are skills that can be learnt and developed from part-time working, which can help you stand out in interviews in later life.

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  • Having a part-time job allows you to network with colleagues and form new relationships, which may help with your graduate job hunt.

    Part-time jobs can sometimes lead to full-time positions in the company, which is useful if you’re considering taking a gap year after university to save money.

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  • Many employers highly value candidates who have worked a part-time job. Working part-time shows you have a range of transferable skills, you are familiar with a working environment and if you’ve managed a job alongside your studies it shows great time-management skills.

    If you’re applying for graduate jobs, be sure to include any part-time jobs you’ve undertaken on your CV, listing the skills you developed and what you learnt from these roles.

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Types of part-time jobs available

There are a number of part-time jobs available for students.

Here are some of the industries where part-time jobs are the most common and an insight into each sector so you can help decide what part-time job is best suited to you:


Working in retail includes clothing stores, supermarkets and other high-street retailers. This can be a great way to work short flexible shifts that work around your studies and social life. There are often opportunities for seasonal jobs during busy periods such as summer and Christmas. Working in retail is also great experience if you’re considering a graduate career in fashion.


This includes working in bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Working in hospitality can be a great way to make a good amount of money from longer shifts and the added bonus of tips. However, part-time hospitality roles can often involve working long shifts during the evenings and nights, so it’s important to consider when accepting a job if you’re able to maintain a healthy work-life balance whilst working.

Office work

Office work is a recent popular type of part-time employment, mainly in call centres and admin teams. This can be a great way to earn extra money as the hourly wage can be high, and there are often chances to earn bonuses. The work can be great to develop skills such as communication and dealing with difficult scenarios. Although, office work can often be stressful, and call centres themselves are sometimes hostile environments with constant checks and targets to be met. If you’re considering graduate sales roles, working in a call centre is a great way to gain relevant experience.

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Remember not to compare yourself to others, but focus on what career path you want to take in life and work towards achieving that at your own pace.

How to best manage a part-time job alongside your studies

Having a part-time job at university has many benefits, but it’s important to make sure you still have the time for your studies, any extra-curricular activities and for your social life.

Here are some tips to best manage a part-time job alongside your studies:

Stay organised ?

To be able to manage a job, your studies and any other activity you participate in at university, it’s crucial to stay organised.

Plan your upcoming week ahead, and know when you’re working and when any deadlines or other activities are – this will allow you to know when you need to get any essays or work completed by.

If you find yourself often procrastinating on essays and assignments, this is going to make your work-life balance more difficult.

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Don’t commit to too much ?

​While it can be tempting to take any shift you can get to earn as much as possible, university life is hectic and you are likely to burn yourself out.

Instead, only commit to the amount of hours you can fit into your week, that will allow you to have plenty of time for uni work and socialising.

Enjoy your work ?

​There are plenty of part-time jobs available, so if you’re working a part-time job that makes you unhappy, perhaps it’s too stressful for you or the people aren’t the nicest, find a new job. Finding a part-time job that works around your schedule and where you’re working with people you really get on with, can make work feel fun and is a great way to make new friends!

Having a part-time job at university is a great opportunity to earn extra money, learn new skills and meet new people. Working alongside your studies can also help you become more organised and time efficient – helping you complete your degree and gain useful skills for future employment!

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