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Careers & graduate jobs in fashion

  • Not sure if jobs in fashion are worth pursuing? Here’s a quick insight into the fashion industry, so you can decide if junior fashion jobs are right for you.

    In simple terms, the fashion industry encompasses the design, production, and sale of clothing items. The UK fashion industry is home to some of the biggest brands in the world, from luxury names like Burberry, to digital titans such as ASOS. On a granular level, the fashion industry can be understood as having four levels: sourcing of raw materials, design and production of goods, advertising and promotion, and retail sales. These four levels boast many a broad range of fashion opportunities, from graduate fashion designer jobs to graduate fashion marketing jobs.

    In terms of pay, fashion roles like fashion-buying can pay relatively high salaries of around £30k-35k on average. Graduate fashion jobs like fashion graduate schemes also pay well and offer great career progression but, as a result, are extremely competitive to pursue.

    Entry level fashion jobs, such as Design Assistant, may not pay as well, but are worth pursuing due to the wider career benefits of working in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is incredibly innovative and constantly changing, with fashion companies working to keep up with continuously new and rotating trends. So, whatever division you wish to work in, the ever-evolving nature of fashion makes it one of the most exciting industries for graduates looking for a career in.

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  • Considering fashion grad jobs, but not sure what types of roles are available? Here are some of the main graduate fashion jobs with job descriptions, so you can decide what fashion job is right for you.

    One of the most popular roles graduates choose are Fashion Assistant jobs. This is a great career choice for a graduate interested in both the creative and business sides of fashion, as the roles requires tasks across multiple sectors. This includes planning inventory, tracking sales, liaising with vendors, and organising fashion events.

    If you’re looking for fashion design graduate jobs, Design Assistant roles are a great option. Their responsibilities are to assist designers, from creating prototypes and creative mood boards, to finding sources for fabrics and trimmings. They will also inspect products during the design process.

    Within fashion retail jobs, buyers and merchandisers are the main graduate roles available. This department is responsible for selecting new products to place in stores, finding the right supplies where sales will be optimal, and managing stock control. If you want a graduate career in fashion that is more operational and logistical, something like a fashion buying graduate scheme is a great option to consider.

    Whatever kind of role you’re looking for, whether it be a fashion buying graduate scheme, fashion marketing graduate jobs, or design roles, you’re in the right place to kickstart your fashion career. Simply sign up to our site to make the most out of our jobs board and recruitment services.

  • Whether you qualify for an entry level fashion job will depend on the requirements of the job role in question. In terms of educational qualifications, most employers in the fashion industry will require candidates to have a degree in a related subject in order to apply to opportunities like their fashion grad schemes. The most sought-after degrees for candidates looking to work in fashion include fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion technology, textile design, graphic design, fashion PR and communication, fashion marketing, and so forth.

    However, for some graduate fashion jobs, employers do not necessitate a particular degree subject. Instead, these businesses are looking for candidates that have shown an interest in fashion and can prove they are capable of further developing their fashion-oriented skillset. For instance, if a candidate looking at fashion design graduate schemes does not have a fashion-specific degree, but has demonstrated their skill and passion by creating a portfolio of designs and learning how to transform these design into a finished product. Employers really value candidates that can demonstrate a genuine passion for the industry and aspiration to succeed in it. At Give a Grad a Go, we can help you work out the best ways to organise and demonstrate your portfolios to employers.

    When it comes to work experience, most graduate jobs in fashion are entry level, meaning that they do not require candidates to have years of experience in the fashion industry. Fashion graduate schemes are a strong option for fresh graduates as they offer great learning and development opportunities, as well as clear paths for progression. Fashion marketing graduate schemes, for instance, provide graduates with mentorship from senior members of the fashion marketing team, enabling graduates to have support and encouragement in their first job in fashion.

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