Graduate sales jobs & entry level sales roles

  • Considering applying to entry level sales jobs? Here’s a quick insight into the industry!

    Graduate careers in sales are incredibly rewarding, both financially and personally. In terms of personal reward, sales roles are often centred around helping customers and clients to achieve their goals by utilising your company’s products and services. This problem-solving aspect of the role means that jobs in sales can positively impact the lives and businesses of customers, with Sales Account Managers regularly earning the gratitude of the customers they’ve helped.

    When it comes to the financial perks of jobs in sales, graduate sales positions will often get paid commission on top of an already competitive starting salary. Graduate jobs in sales also offer financial incentives like bonuses and fast career progression to more senior, high-earning Sales Manager jobs.

    Sales careers sometimes have a negative stigma attached to the perceived notion that sales opportunities involve coercing or forcing a product upon those who don’t want it. In reality, with graduate sales jobs, a large part of your time is spent working out the target audience you should be promoting to and where your company’s products/services will be most useful. By refining the scope of potential customers, junior sales jobs can easily avoid wasting time pitching products/services to unwilling consumers and steer clear of frustration for all involved parties.

    There are many career options within the sales industry that are currently in high demand:

    • Business Development roles are tasked with helping businesses grow by acquiring new customers or clients to offer the company’s services to.
    • Client Services positions work closely with current clients, understanding their needs and solving any issues.
    • Sales Support jobs carry out administrative tasks, maintain customer satisfaction, and process new sales prospects.

    Whether you want to launch your graduate career in an SME or FTSE 100 company, there is a huge range of graduate jobs in sales on offer on our sales jobs board – check it out!

  • Wondering what makes a good salesperson? Here are some of the key skills of a salesperson, so you can decide if sales assistant roles or sales administrator jobs are the right fit for you.

    To excel in your graduate sales career, you will need to have excellent communication skills. It’s a given that you’ll need to be a confident communicator as you’ll be speaking to customers and clients frequently on the phone and in person. So, if picking up the phone makes you anxious, sales roles may not be right for you. Having the gift of the gab is important in sales roles, but it’s equally important to have the ability to listen. A good salesperson needs to satisfy a client’s needs and listen to what they are looking for.

    Problem-solving skills are also a quality that graduate sales recruitment agencies look out for when hiring salespeople. A career in sales will involve obstacles and pushbacks, whether that’s a ‘no’ answer, rejection, or complaint. A good salesperson will have the ability to adapt well to unexpected problems and work through issues and objections.

    Empathy is also an attribute readily sought after in a salesperson. Showing empathy creates great client relationships. It’s crucial to show that you understand their unique challenges and perspectives, building trust, and increasing their ability to believe in your services or product.

    If you think you have the right qualities to pursue a sales career, utilise our graduate sales recruitment by registering to our site!

  • Are you unsure about whether to apply to graduate schemes in the sales industry? Here’s a brief overview of the tasks these graduate schemes involve…

    There are multiple career path options within the sales industry, and one of the key benefits of joining a graduate scheme as opposed to a standard graduate sales role is that it allows you to decide which area of sales is right for you. Sales graduate programmes offer on-the-job training in multiple different sales sections of a business, allowing you to see which area you enjoy most and choose the right sales career path. This may be business development, account management, or a B2B sales role.

    Graduate schemes in sales are also a great way of fast-tracking your career progression. Sales graduate schemes provide leadership opportunities, such as managing client accounts, and building sales leads, that quickly pave the path to seniority. Territory Manager graduate schemes, for example, give you the responsibility of supervising a group of stores and sales executives after one year of training. Sales graduate schemes also offer the prospect of on-the-job training often directed by experienced staff, enabling you to gain some of the best training in the industry.

    If you’re looking to quickly progress your sales career, you should check out the sales graduate schemes opportunities on our jobs board today!