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Top tips for online freelancing alongside your degree ✍


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If you’re a student or a recent graduate, the opportunity to add value to your CV, while also earning a little bit of extra money, probably sounds quite attractive.

Countless graduates will face stiff challenges in terms of competition for graduate jobs – so freelancing can be a great option that will allow you to continue studying, or searching for jobs, while you earn some extra cash and gain experience to put on your CV.

Freelancing will not only allow you to use your existing skills, but will help you to develop and adapt them to specific jobs – helping to boost your employability.

What is online freelancing? ?

Freelancing websites are used by both employers and freelancers looking for jobs via the Internet. On freelancing sites, employers will post a job they are looking to outsource, and freelancers will offer a proposal to bid for the job.

There are a plethora of opportunities possible with the help of an online business – ranging from designing a company logo or writing a blog, to longer-term programming jobs.

In order to start freelancing, all you need to do is sign up to a freelancing website, bid for the jobs you think are applicable, then if you’re chosen by the person who posted the job – complete the task at hand. This is also a good opportunity to consider building on your skillset with free online upskilling courses.

Whether you’re a creative copywriter, a graphic designer or a coding whizz, there are many reasons to consider online freelancing alongside your degree.

Why choose online freelancing? ?

The first thing to appreciate in relation to an online venture is that freelancers will not need to spend an inordinate amount of money in order to establish their digital presence.

In contrast to brick-and-mortar business models, which will normally need a substantial fiscal commitment in order to freelance, you don’t usually need to pay anything up-front online (though the site may take a cut of the payment).

This would account for why students have become increasingly attracted to what the virtual world has to offer.

Flexibility is another core attribute of online freelancing. You will usually be able to determine how many hours per week you wish to work, and travelling to your place of employment is no longer necessary.

Such an agile position is perfectly suited for university students; especially those who are still pursuing a more advanced degree on a part-time basis.

No longer will you be forced to sacrifice an education for financial liquidity.

A final benefit of the online community is that there are literally thousands of products to market to your audience. Considering the fact that the majority of students spend hours each day browsing the Internet, it only stands to reason that they will be able to connect with friends, family members, fellow students, and co-workers.

These segments are a great place to begin marketing what it is that you have to offer, as an interpersonal rapport already exists.

Of course, you will also need to build your virtual presence over time in order to enjoy a healthy profit margin. Take a look at our IT, software and engineering jobs.

How to select the right venture ?

Now that we have taken a look at some of the main reasons why students and recent graduates are choosing a foray into the digital freelancing community, how can you determine which venture suits your tastes?

There are countless lucrative ideas to make money in 2019, and not all will suit your existing skill set. So, it is much better to become involved with a product or service that is already familiar.

In fact, these choices will often revolve around your degree, i.e. those who have studied programming or coding could very well choose to design a novel smartphone application.

Likewise, physical therapists could create a paid blog which is intended to help those who are recovering from an injury.

It’s a good idea to take a step back and to evaluate what option is the most likely to generate a substantial side hustle.

Time is also a very real concern when choosing the correct online business model.

Try to honestly answer the questions below:

  • How many hours a day can I realistically devote to this project?
  • Will I be subject to many distractions during my working schedule?
  • Will an online business negatively impact other areas of my life?

The final metric to consider involves the appeal of a product or service to the audience in question.

From a very general viewpoint, online products are meant to make life easier or to solve an existing problem.

These attributes increase their overall appeal and as a result, you are likely to attract a larger customer base.

If you happen to need a bit of inspiration, there are many online portals such as Oberlo which illustrate the most lucrative online opportunities and provide examples of each.

If you’re a student looking to gain experience, and earn a bit of cash alongside your degree, online freelancing is a great idea.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer, programmer or graphic designer, joining the online freelancing community can help you gain valuable work experience, and dramatically boost your employability – making your search for graduate jobs easier.

Discover the latest graduate jobs – or if you’re looking for more career advice, head to our career blog.

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