Graduate Developer jobs

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Software Developer graduate jobs

  • The responsibilities and skills required for graduate Developer jobs will vary from role to role. In general, graduate software jobs require an analytic mindset and excellent problem-solving capabilities in order to successfully troubleshoot and improve systems. A basic understanding of programming skills is also essential, whilst the required programmes will change for each graduate role, it is important to have a basic knowledge of ‘C++’, ‘SQL’, ‘Pascal’, ‘Ada’, ‘Java’ or ‘TeX’ for example, along with strong maths abilities to understand programming.

    Careers in software development also require skills that are unrelated to the tech side of things. For Software Testers, testing code and packaging software will sometimes involve the occurrence of unexpected errors that you’ll need self-determination and persistence to solve. Possessing excellent communication and teamwork skills is central to Project Management software jobs. You will need to be able to liaise with clients to identify their wants/needs and then collaborate with the development team to deliver them. Similarly, sales software jobs necessitate great interpersonal skills, requiring the ability to explicate complicated tech-speak whilst also trying to entice a sale.

    Essentially, the wide variety of job options within the umbrella of software development means that there is a job to match any software skill set on our site. If you’re an analytical graduate with good people skills, software graduate jobs could be a wise career option for you.

    Whether you’re looking for more experienced Software Manager jobs, Junior Developer roles, or remote software jobs, you can find your ideal software job on our jobs board – check it out!

  • There are a variety of roles available for computer engineering graduates that offer good progression prospects. A career in Software Testing, for example, would begin with the role of QA Analyst. In an environment with a strong focus on training and development, you could see progression to Senior QA Analyst after just 2-3 years in the role, with management prospects in the not-too-distant future.

    Alternative jobs for computer engineering graduates with great career prospects include (but are not limited to):

    • Junior Software Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Full Stack Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • Technical Analyst

    The advantage of working in tech, particularly in startups and SMEs, is that you are provided with a high level of responsibility from day one. The collaborative nature of jobs at software startups means that you will likely be working closely with senior management, giving you the opportunity to learn directly from experts in the software sphere. In such environments, you will more readily be able to manage and evolve processes to tangibly impact wider business aims.

    In short, graduate software jobs provide the opportunity for graduates to continually learn and develop their skills in the industry, allowing for great career progression. If you’re a computer engineering grad, register on our site to utilise our expert tech recruitment services.

  • In terms of knowledge, the vast majority of Junior Software Developer jobs do require you to have a degree in a related subject. BSc degrees in Computer Science, Software Development, Engineering, or similar are the perfect fit for an employer looking to hire a graduate in entry level software developer job. However, there are some employers that do not necessitate a specific degree subject. Instead, these companies will be on the lookout for graduates that have shown an interest in the field and a capacity to learn relevant skills through avenues like extra-curricular coding courses.

    In regard to employment experience, most junior graduate developer jobs tend to be entry level, meaning that they do not require any past industry-related work experience. Developer graduate schemes are a great entry level route into the industry. These schemes offer great training programmes, with graduates often being allocated a mentor from a senior team to work alongside and learn from, allowing a hands-on and structured insight into the world of software development. As opposed to standard graduate developer jobs, graduate schemes allow graduates to gain a diverse range of experience, opening up various career pathways for the future.

    If you’ve been searching for a recruitment company that offers junior software developer roles, entry level software engineer jobs and training programmes, you’re in the right place. We have hundreds of graduate jobs in the software development field – register to apply now!