The Great Give a Grad a Go ‘Bake Off’: Part 3 🍰

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The Great Give a Grad a Go Office Bake Off has made its return for the third year running. Our branding guys Gary & Clive judge the contestants based on appearance, flavour, theme and effort. Here’s what the team have been cooking up over the last 2 months…

Office Bake Off Round 1

The contestants in round 1 of bake off created some very tasty treats around the theme of ‘The Great Fire of London’.

In 3rd place we had Joe Goddard, who goddard so wrong this time with his tasteless cupcakes which were more like cup-FAKES.



In 2nd place we had Rachel Collins; the COLLINS dictionary describes Rachel as the “one who endeavours to produce the tastiest treats known to man”. Rachel created a delicious chocolatey burning building!



…However the winner of the first Office Bake Off challenge was Lizzie McFaull, she did not FAULL at the challenge, and came out in 1st place with her fiery Pudding Lane masterpiece! We look forward to seeing what Lizzie can create in the semi-finals!


Office Bake Off Round 2

The theme for week 2 of the Great GAGAGO Bake Off was ‘Autumn is Coming’… and we can now reveal who was the first to FALL at the challenge…

In 3rd place was Dom Ryder – he couldn’t RYDE into first place with his pumpkin spice cakes, unfortunately, there was just muffin much going on (but at least he gave the judges pumpkin to talk about!)



In 2nd place was Lily Robinson – her autumnal cake was as juicy as Robinson’s fruit squash, combining chocolate, cinnamon and creamy vanilla icing. However, her cake didn’t quite cut it for a place in the semi-finals…



…And finally, in 1st place with an unbeLEAFable, tummy-warming Guinness cake, we have Izzy Brehcist – during the tasting sessions it’s normally the judges that eat most of the cake, but in this instance, Izzy tucked away 3 slices!



Stay tuned for next weeks’ Rugby World Cup bake, where the chefs will TRY for some SCRUMptious treats!

Office Bake Off Round 3

For round 3 of the Great Give A Grad A Go Office Bake Off, contestants prepared SCRUMptious desserts around the theme of Rugby World Cup!

As the weeks’ go on the judges are getting tougher, the competition is getting fiercer and the contestants have to TRY harder.

To KICK things off we have Georgia Higgins who came in at 3rd place with her Australia vs. GB rugby team, Georgia was a good SPORT but unfortunately, the England gingerbread team were wearing the wrong colours.



In 2nd place we have Cary Curtis who SCORED some points but didn’t do enough to CARY him through to the semi-finals, with the judges commenting that his bake had “more style over substance”.



And finally the winner of the week 3 challenge, who proved he had BALLS with his impressive and intricate rugby cake, we have William Spilsbury. His bake KNOCKED THE JUDGES OFF THEIR FEET! (And bored them stiff with his 7-minute description, he didn’t stop to breathe once!)



We look forward to seeing Will in the semi-finals… WILL he SPIL his cake mixture? We hope not!

Office Bake Off Round 4

Round 4 of The Great GAGAGO Bake Off, we only had 2 contestants for this round (unfair advantage I hear you say? – Not when you hear what the theme was!) It was a tricky one this week; ‘Star Signs Virgo & Libra’ (appealing to all the astrology enthusiasts…)



It was a close call, but in 2nd place we have Penny Newson – She’s not NEW to the GAGAGO Office Bake Off challenge and her creative red velvet breast bake proves it! Will her Libra scales horoscope reveal if she’ll be back STRONGER next year? We’d bet our last PENNY on it!



The STAR of this week’s challenge, and through to the semi-finals is Jessica Hart – H(E)ART warming cakes are her speciality and she proved this with her zingy zodiac ‘nearly vegan’ brownie bake. By ‘nearly vegan’ we mean it was vegan, until last minute when Jess decided to add whipped cream inside.


Stay tuned next week for the semi-finals, when 4 contestants battle it out for a place in the final with spectacular cakes around the theme of ‘Ibiza Closing Parties’!

Bake Off Semi-Finals

The results are in for the spectacular ‘Ibiza closing parties’ themed cakes for the semi-finals of the Great GAGAGO Office Bake Off! Lizzie, Will & Jess BAKED it out for their SLICE of success and a place in the finals.

In 3rd place, we have Will who didn’t like the theme so BOTTLED it – literally, he water bottled it, showing exactly WATER he thinks about Ibiza and it’s high prices.



That means that the two contestants through to the finals of Bake Off are Lizzie and Jess!

Jess found this challenge a piece of CAKE with her Boozy Beefa Bake. It may be spikey on the outside, but this pineapple cake was sweet on the inside!



Lizzie’s vanilla sponge transported us to España with the yummy sangria compote topping, the judges liked this cake BERRY much and with the hard effect she’s put in, she really does DESSERT to be in the final!


Bake Off Final

THE GIVE A GRAD A GO BAKE OFF FINAL RESULTS ARE IN… (BUTTER late than never!) Lizzie and Jess went head to head, or cake to cake, to compete for the title of ‘Give A Grad A Go 2019 Bake Off Champion’.

Lizzie’s spectacular ‘Bruce’ cake, featuring her signature bronze crunch, blew the judges away! They liked this bake a choco-LOT as they described her masterpiece as a “moreish and gooey plate of loveliness”.



It was very close, but we can now confirm that the Champion of Bake Off 2019 is *drum roll please*



Jess! With her fruity ‘Eat Me ‘Till You’re Tipsy Icey Creamy Rum Tum’ autumnal Christmassy rum ice cream, never been done before in the history of the GAGAGO Bake Off and was described by Paul & Prue (aka. Gary & Clive) as “a showstopper”

Well done to all of the contestants that have worked so hard for this years’ Bake Off challenge, we are already looking forward to Bake Off 2020!

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