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The best podcasts for graduates


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In today’s digital world, podcasts are continuing to rise in popularity.

Providing entertainment for commuting, material for relaxation, and opportunities to get clued up on current news, podcasts are a great (and often free) means of entertainment that can be downloaded in a matter of seconds – on AppleSpotify, SoundCloudor hundreds of other places.

In fact, there are now so many podcasts for every different facet of life, that it can be difficult to decide what to listen to first.

So whether you’re looking for a job, travelling to work, or looking to educate yourself on a particular topic, here’s our ultimate list of the best career podcasts, best podcasts for travel and best podcasts for relaxation.


Best career podcasts for graduates

There are thousands of career podcasts for graduates out there – and these can also be useful career resources for all levels. 

Here are our pick of the best career podcasts to boost your employability.


Career Cloud Radio – If you’re applying for graduate jobs and seeking job search advice, Career Cloud Radio is a great place to start.

With a host of practical top tips and tricks for your job search, as well as several guest speakers to provide insight into the graduate jobs market, the podcast includes useful topics like CV writing, personal branding, and interviewing.


Career Tools – One of the best career podcasts for graduates, Career Tools is a weekly podcast dedicated to providing careers advice, including steps you can take to get a job or advance your career.

Perfect for if you’re looking for graduate jobs or seeking a career move, Career Tools is a great way to stay ahead of the career curve.


Millennial – The transition between university employment can be difficult; and this useful podcast focuses on how to manage this change effectively.

Slotting into our list of the best career podcasts out there, Millennial raises common concerns graduates have when leaving university, and explores the subject of how to find fulfilling graduate jobs that fit your personality.


The Classy Career Girl Podcast – Hosted by Anna Runyan, founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl, this career podcast includes insightful lessons on maintaining a work/life balance, career fulfilment and figuring out your ideal career.

If you’re a young professional looking for how to make a career move, Runyan offers top tips and sage advice for those in the early stages of their career, making it an easy choice on our list of the best career podcasts.


Best podcasts for your work commute

If you have to commute to London for your job, chances are you’ll want to pass the time on a long journey.

Here are our top podcasts to listen to when commuting to work, and while you are travelling around London.


Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast – Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by comedian and actor Bill Burr. It covers a wide range of topics, from sport to dieting, and it’s a guaranteed laugh on a dull commute into work.


Serial – If you haven’t heard of Serial, where have you been? An investigative journalism podcast hosted by the impressive Sarah Koenig, Serial is now on its third season – a must-listen if you’re interested in true crime stories.


Startup – A documentary series about the trials and tribulations of becoming an entrepreneur, Startup is a great listen if you’re after an easy listen with some interesting takeaways.

Having now been downloaded tens of millions of times, and even been adapted into a popular TV sitcom, Startup is one you should give a listen on your commute to London.


The Daily – If you’re looking for a way to stay in touch with the latest news on your work commute, The Daily is the best one-stop shop for keeping up to date.

Releasing a new podcast every weekday, these 20-minute episodes are a great way to get in the know on the latest topics and world news.


Best educational podcasts to help you learn something new

From learning a language to gaining insights into the world’s most complex problems, here are our picks for the best educational podcasts that will boost your employability and help you learn something new every day.


Coffee Break French – Want to learn a language? Coffee Break French does just what its name would suggest – teaches you valuable French language skills in engaging lessons that are under 20 minutes long.

With a 4.6/5 rating on Apple Podcasts, this is the highest-ranked language learning podcast, and one of the best educational podcasts, you can find.


TED Talks Daily – With a new TED talk every weekday, this educational podcast brings you thought-provoking insights into some of the world’s most complex and controversial issues – a great one to listen to each day of the week.


Download – The most important news, stories and trends in technology, brought to you by a panel of renowned tech experts. Download is a free podcast that’s perfect if you’re interested in the tech world.

As educational podcasts go, this is one to put on your next-to-listen list.


The New Yorker Fiction Podcast – In this engaging educational podcast, famous authors drop in to read a book and discuss their thoughts with The New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman. ‘

The New Yorker Fiction Podcast is a must-listen-to podcast for those who are interested in literature.


Back To Work – Back To Work is an award-winning talk show that covers topics relating to work; including productivity, progression and overcoming barriers – one to listen to if you’re starting a graduate job.


ClayTrader – A great podcast for those who are interested in learning about trading, The Stock Trading Reality Podcast by ClayTrader is designed to educate investors of all experience levels.

They interview real traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.


Best podcasts for relaxation

Trying to reduce your stress levels? Whether you’re applying for graduate jobs, having a challenging day at work, or a big meeting coming up, relaxation podcasts can be a big help. Here’s our best podcasts for chilling out:


10% Happier – Hosted by ABS newsman Dan Harris, 10% Happier follows Dan’s experiences with meditation and mindfulness.

Completely free, it’s one of the best relaxation podcasts.


Sleep With Me – Sleep With Me is one of the most unique podcasts, that markets itself as the ‘bedtime stories for adults podcast’.

Having been featured in some of the world’s largest publications, the podcast has proven to be a soothing listen for millions of global downloaders.


Daily Meditation Podcast – With a new episode every morning, The Daily Meditation Podcast is a completely free podcast, that provides a morning guided meditation with new themes, techniques and emotions every day.

As well as helping you to relax, it’s also educational.


Best motivational podcasts

Looking for motivational podcasts that will supercharge your personal growth? There are thousands of motivational podcasts on the market – here are our favourite podcasts for positive thinking, personal development and self-improvement.


The School of Greatness – Hosted by bestselling author and former pro athlete Lewis Howes, School of Greatness aims to define what makes ‘great’ people, great.

Lewis interviews some of the most influential people on the planet, including businessmen, athletes and TV personalities – helping you think about your own dreams!


The Daily Boost – The Daily Boost is aimed at people who want to find clarity in their day-to-day life, and get motivated.

It helps to make goal-setting, time management and general productivity simpler and more stress-free – as well as helping you to define your purpose and focus on self-care.


The Tim Ferriss Show – Often the #1 business podcast on Apple, Tim Ferriss is a bestselling author who interviews celebrities ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Maria Sharapova, quizzing them on their morning routines, exercise habits and tips and tricks they use to succeed.

His podcast is growing in popularity; so add it to your list of podcasts to listen to now!


Whether you’re applying for graduate jobs, on your commute to work, or hoping to better yourself, there are thousands of great podcasts to suit every need and interest.

It’s easier now than ever to find, subscribe, download and listen to podcasts – so get online now to find your next relaxing podcasts, educational podcasts or motivational podcasts.

If you think you have a great podcast to add to this list, please get in touch at [email protected] and tell us why!

Discover the latest jobs for graduates UK – head to our career blog if you’re wondering where to get career advice.

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