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9 effective apps every graduate needs on their laptop đź’»


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There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a student and their laptop; you go everywhere together!

Many students think that this relationship will start to taper off after graduation, but in reality, graduation is really just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, as a fresh grad on the hunt for graduate jobs, your laptop is more important to your future than ever before.

Whether you’re searching for a way to launch your career or you’re looking to further enhance your skills, your laptop could hold the key to success… as long as you have the right laptop apps installed on it, of course.

So just what are the best apps for graduates? Let’s take a look…

1. Dashlane Password Manager

According to Dashlane, the average online user has 90 different accounts.

As a graduate, you may find that the number of online accounts you hold increases as you sign up for job sites and apply for graduate jobs, so it’s handy to have an app like Dashlane to memorise all your passwords for you.

Dashlane works best with the newer versions of Windows, so if you think it might be time for an upgrade, look for laptop vouchers online to help keep the costs down.



2. BudgetBook

Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of graduate life, and with everything from student loan repayments to interview expenses to think about, it’s also an aspect that can be quite challenging to manage effectively.

Fortunately, BudgetBook can help.

This handy laptop app helps you to categorize your expenses as well as track and monitor your incomings and outgoings – making it easier to make sensible financial and budgeting decisions.



3. Dropbox

Dropbox may seem like an obvious option, but it’s worth mentioning as this laptop app may well be one of the most important downloads you can make as a graduate, especially if you’re looking for graduate jobs.

Some of the more innovative job sites, like Give a Grad a Go, allow graduates to quickly and easily upload their CV using Dropbox for complete ease.

If you’re applying for graduate jobs, it’s also a good idea to consider Microsoft OneDrive.



4. Nextgen Reader

Graduates sometimes feel that it’s difficult to assert themselves as experts in their area.

Coming straight out of university and beginning work in their field alongside highly experienced professionals can be overwhelming.

The Nextgen Reader app is a fantastic RSS news feed that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates in your industry, helping you to keep on top of all the advancements in your sector.



5. Microsoft To-Do

Perhaps the most obvious organisation app would be Trello, but we think that Microsoft To-Do is a much better choice for graduates.

While Trello is more workplace-friendly, allowing for tasks to be assigned and delegated, Microsoft To-Do is much simpler and more straightforward.

It’s ideal for keeping track of everyday tasks when you’re applying for graduate jobs, and allows you to set up reminders for interviews and even alerts to pay your bills on time.



6. All Messenger

Building, expanding, and managing your professional network is one of the most essential — and perhaps one of the most time-consuming — aspects of being a graduate.

However, you can make networking and relationship-building simpler by using All Messenger.

This laptop app allows you to manage all your platforms, including professional channels like LinkedIn, through a single interface.



7. Fresh Paint

Who says that all the best laptop apps have to be sensible?

Sometimes, we all need to take a step back from hunting for graduate jobs, or from working – and stop, unwind and reflect.

For those times when you need a little light relief from job searching, Fresh Paint is the answer.

This laptop app features a huge selection of activity packs that allow you to mindlessly paint, giving your mind a well-needed rest.



Apps… They’re Not Just for Mobile

The growing fascination with mobile apps and mobile app development means that it’s often easy to overlook the importance of apps created for laptops.

However, as a graduate, there are actually many different laptop apps that can help to make life just that little bit more straightforward – especially when it comes to looking for graduate jobs.

These 7 effective apps for graduates are just the start… it’s well worth checking out all the other great apps out there.

Discover the latest graduate jobs – or if you’re looking for more career advice, head to our career blog.

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