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Tech tools every graduate needs

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The endless nights of studying in the library and long nights on the town are over, and the daunting task of entering the real world has hit you head-on.

If you’re preparing yourself for the world of work, you need to be fully equipped – so as a 21st-century graduate, you have to be up to date on all of the technological advances life has to offer.

In this careers advice blog, we’ll be discussing the tech tools every university graduate needs to succeed, especially if you’re going to be spending lots of time looking for companies and going to interviews.

1. Laptop accessories

Almost every graduate has a laptop they’ve used to write endless papers and conduct hours of research.

Now, you must put your laptop up to a new test: finding a job.

To make life easier, look for tech tools like a USB mouse, that can help you navigate your laptop in an easier fashion than having to deal with sensitive touchpads and faulty click buttons.

Another tech tool you can pair with your laptop is a Bluetooth speaker.

If your laptop speakers aren’t loud enough for your liking, or you want to play music from an online streaming service on your laptop, you can pair a speaker to play music anywhere in your house or office within range.

Bluetooth speakers are also convenient in that they can pair with your mobile device.

If your computer gets overcluttered with college papers and cover letters, you can free up space on your hard drive by investing in a portable hard drive that can store information separately from your laptop.

Your laptop will run faster and smoother when there’s less file clutter on it.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’d like to free up space on your computer without having to use a USB you can use software such as WinZip, to zip files that you’d like to compress altogether be it either for storage or before sending.

Zip files are highly useful when you’re constantly drowning in documents you need to download, and would like some space storage on your computer


2. Mobile device accessories

There are lots of tech tools you can pair with your mobile device.

While you’re working at your desk, wires for your laptop charger, tablet, speaker can get tangled; there are tools to help make your life a little easier.

You might also have trouble finding an outlet to charge your phone. Outlet adapters, especially ones with built in USB ports, are a great way to plug in and charge devices and your phone; all you’ve got to do it attach it beneath your desk.

Imagine this: you’re crammed on a London Underground train, or power-walking to an interview while studying interview questions – and your phone dies.

Investing in a long-lasting portable charger is an essential must-have tech tool all graduates should have in order to stay connected to the world.


3. Mobile and online apps

Smartphones brought us the luxury of having all information at our fingertips.

There are thousands of apps for every topic imaginable to help us with our everyday lives.

Navigating life post-graduation can be extremely stressful, and cause many recent graduates to become stressed with finding a job or beginning a new job.

Fortunately, a number of mental health apps have been designed to people who face anxiety and depression, especially in the workplace.

Additionally, having healthy eating habits can be monitored and tracked through a variety of apps and online websites.

Living a healthy lifestyle is just as important as finding a job and career you love.


4. Innovative tech tools

Countless innovative tech tools are being invented, designed, and produced every day to allow us to work more efficiently and live more productive lives.

All graduates should be aware of new and upcoming tech tools to be able to become tech leaders and thrive in their industry.

For those who prefer handwriting to typing, but who have to work online, consider getting a smartpen.

Smartpens allow users to write on a tablet, smartphone, or touch screen laptop in notes apps.

A user’s handwriting can also be transcribed and converted into searchable text.

If you’re preparing for a networking event to grow your brand, you can practice answering popular questions with a virtual assistant.

Ask any question you want and these virtual assistants will provide you with an answer by talking back or displaying the answer on a screen.


Navigating life as a recent graduate is both exciting and tumultuous.

Whether you have a clear-set plan or if you’re finding yourself lost, consider getting some of the hottest tech tools so you can find your place in life.

From convenient USB mice to smartpens and virtual assistants, today’s technological advances can help you live your best life post-university.

Looking to break into the technology sector? Check out the latest tech graduate jobs or software graduate schemes on our graduate jobs board.


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