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Thanks to the pandemic, the world of work has forever been changed. More and more people are looking for flexible work and online graduate jobs.

Gone appear to be the days of the traditional 9 AM – 5 PM, five-days-a-week working model.

In today’s post-pandemic age, more people are working from home than ever before – in fact, according to a BBC article, fifty of the UK’s biggest employers said they have no intentions of returning all staff to the office full-time.

So, in light of this movement – and a growing trend towards choosing comfort over career – you may now find yourself wondering what to do next.

You may be asking questions like: is remote work right for me as a graduate? And do remote working opportunities even exist for graduates?

In this article, we will take you through some of the best industries to find graduate remote jobs. And we’ll also highlight what the world of remote working could entail for you!

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What is remote work?

If you’re after remote graduate jobs UK, it’s first important to know what you’re getting into.

So let’s get to grips with what working remotely actually is.

Otherwise known as working from home, remote working is an arrangement that allows employees to work from anywhere. This removes the need to commute in and out of a central place of work.

While it won’t be possible for every type of industry to offer this type of working arrangement (i.e. doctors or trade-related professions), working remotely has become a more and more attractive option for workers over recent years.

According to Indeed, searches for remote work have increased by more than 500% since February 2020.



What are the advantages of remote working graduate jobs?

The transition towards remote jobs has largely come about because of three key things.

Firstly, the flexibility it can provide. It enables employees to work around any existing commitments they may have, such as looking after their children or loved ones.

Secondly, the amount of money it can save. It removes the need to splash out on expensive – and often tiring – daily commuting costs.

And, thirdly, the coronavirus pandemic. In light of the transition toward remote working during the pandemic, approximately 97% of workers are now seeking some form of remote working arrangement within their role.

However, while this may all sound great, remote graduate jobs do also have some drawbacks.

For example, working from home could lead you to become easily more distracted.

This will inevitably affect your productivity – something employers will be looking for in new graduate starters.

Plus, due to the nature of remote working, it can be difficult to create much of a work-life balance.

This, in turn, can then lead to increased feelings of isolation, making it more difficult to develop meaningful relationships with your colleagues.

So, when considering a remote graduate job, do consider whether it’s the right setup for you and your working style.

What are the best remote jobs for graduate students?

You may be after remote graduate developer jobs, or more interested in remote jobs for english graduates. Truth is, there are work from home opportunities in a range of industries.

So, keep reading if you are still convinced that remote work is the right choice for you. And let’s dive into some of the best industries to look for online graduate jobs!


  • Digital Marketing

While the pandemic may have brought the idea of remote work into the limelight, the digital marketing industry embraced the idea long before coronavirus was even a thing.

From content writers, to social media managers, to SEO strategists, many marketing roles can be completely covered online. It’s the ideal industry for remote working.

Plus, in today’s technological age, digital marketing is becoming more important than ever.

If you know your PPC from your SEO, and understand how to create a flawless content strategy to help support a powerful link-building campaign, a marketing job could be perfect for you.


  • Information Technology

On the topic of roles that can be completely covered online, remote work is almost a given within the IT industry.

In fact, as long as you have a decent working laptop and a good internet connection, you can work from pretty much anywhere in the world.

What’s more, now that many more businesses are operating online, there is an even greater need for new workers in the IT sector.

Entry-level positions typically centre around offering customer support, which are great if you’re looking for jobs that can be done remotely without a degree!

But the more advanced positions (i.e. coders, front-end developers, software engineers, and cybersecurity specialists) will typically require a degree in computer science.

However, in light of the recently documented cybersecurity jobs crisis, the IT industry is crying out for fresh talent. So, if you’re looking for a role that combines a passion for computers with the ability to work remotely, this could be the industry for you.


  • Healthcare

Unlike the digital marketing or IT industries, the healthcare industry is fairly new to the world of remote work.

And, while certain medical roles like doctors and nurses may have to operate in person, there are several other medical positions that can be done from home.

Online therapists, medical transcriptionists, research scientists and other roles related to medical insurance claims, for example, are all important healthcare roles that can be done remotely.

So, if you have a medical degree you want to put to good use, these positions are worth pursuing to find a remote graduate job UK.

  • Customer Service & Sales

If you have naturally supportive energy and enjoy speaking to people, a graduate role within customer services or sales could great for you.

With more and more businesses now operating online, there is a growing need for online retailers and digital organisations to source new work and manage customer service requests.

Whether it be answering enquiries, resolving customer complaints, processing product orders, pitching to new clients, or sourcing new opportunities, these responsibilities can all easily be done from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, while you will need to have exceptional communication skills, sales and customer service-related roles won’t typically require a specific degree.

So, regardless of what you have studied, sourcing a graduate remote job within this industry should be relatively pain-free.

Remote working has grown hugely in popularity over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Many of the world’s leading industries are now having to adapt their roles around the wants and needs of their employees. Companies now offer flexibility to workers while removing the need to commute.

As a result, remote jobs for graduates are more popular than ever, with people looking for everything from remote graduate schemes to remote second shift jobs.

Therefore, if you know that working from home is the right choice for you, now is the ideal time to build your remote working career in an industry best suited to your skills, passions, and interests. 

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