Hybrid jobs in London

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Hybrid jobs questions

  • Hybrid working is a form of flexible work that involves a split between working from home and working in-office.

    This approach often aims to provide individuals with the flexibility to manage their work-life balance while still allowing for collaboration and face-to-face interaction when necessary.

    Hybrid work has increased in popularity in recent years, with some companies even making the shift to becoming entirely remote. Statistics revealed that the number of remote workers in the UK grew by 25% between 2008 and 2018, as virtual communication tools and software increases.

  • There are many benefits of a hybrid working schedule.

    Firstly, having a good balance between working from the comfort of home and leaving the house for work is beneficial for positive wellbeing of employees.

    This is because working entirely in one location can be taxing on employees due to the lack of change in scenery.

    Splitting your working hours between the office and home means that you’ll have more time for activities that will boost wellbeing outside work, including spending time with friends and family.

    Employees are also able to save money on commuting in when there are less days spent in the office. Travelling to and from work every day can be expensive – employees benefit financially with the option of hybrid working.

  • Following its huge increase in popularity, it’s very likely hybrid working jobs are here to stay!

    With its countless benefits, many people now enjoy a flexible working schedule over an entirely in-office one. Remote working statistics described the change in working schedule perfectly: “work is now something you ‘achieve’, not somewhere you go.”

    With an increased demand for a hybrid working schedule, many companies are making the switch and offering flexible working as an added benefit for employees, including for part time hybrid jobs.

    Keep an eye out for hybrid vacancies, including hybrid graduate jobs!