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Graduate sales jobs: A Business Development Executive reveals all 👀

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Despite being amongst the most popular roles we work on, we often hear from graduates that they aren’t sure what graduate jobs in business development really entail.

There are a number of misconceptions associated with sales jobs, but in reality, they can offer a whole host of great benefits for graduates – including a fast-paced working environment, frequent rewards and incentives, as well as the satisfaction that comes from helping a business to grow.

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As a Business Development Executive at one of London’s most exciting and cutting-edge cyber security companies, Jet has been working in his new role for a little over 3 months.

We spoke to Jet to find out a little more about his responsibilities, his daily tasks, and to get his take on the misconceptions that come along with graduate sales jobs.

  • I work at a leading data analytics company specialising in cyber security and threat intelligence.

  • I’m a member of the Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific team, where my main responsibility is to grow our business in those particular markets.


  • In a nutshell, I talk to Senior Management of Fortune 1000 companies, understand their cyber-security use-cases and see if our product can help to optimise their operations.

    I study their industries to understand the common pain points and pitch our technology, and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

    If we are, we progress to a meeting where we can take the conversation to a deeper level.

  • What I like most about my business development role is that it’s like being an entrepreneur in a nurturing environment.

    I feel like I am constantly learning and being challenged, as well as getting the chance to speak to some of the UK’s most forward-thinking and exciting companies, which is a fantastic experience for a graduate.

    I also receive invaluable all-round support and guidance from my senior colleagues – so I feel like I am constantly growing professionally, and learning from their sales expertise every day.

  • My job role is centred around developing new business opportunities, so that involves a lot of cold-calling potential clients to pitch our unique product.

    I will generally be on the phones within 30 minutes of arriving at the office, so it’s always go-go-go, which is what I love so much about working in sales!

  • I wouldn’t say there is one most important task, but generally my day is about reaching out to potential clients, building rapport and seeing if we can add value to their business.

    Business development is vital to the growth of our company, so proactively reaching out and building connections with these potential new clients is extremely important in itself.


  • News and blogs are the usual go-to place. But I’ve found LinkedIn to be an invaluable source once you’ve built your network around your industry – this will mean that you’ll get a relevant feed for the industry you are working in which is so useful so staying in touch with current trends.

  • Before I leave the office, I set myself clear tasks to help me achieve my sales goals for the following day.

    I prefer to kick off my day as soon as I get into the office, so I make sure that everything is wrapped up and ready to go for the following morning, where I can start contacting businesses straight away.

  • You’ll probably hear more ‘no’s’ in your first week in a junior sales job than all the ‘no’s’ you’ve heard before in your life.

    There’s no question that graduate sales jobs can be tough, but the role doesn’t need to be overwhelming or demoralising. It can actually be incredibly rewarding.

    You need to:

    • Find a good mentor – for more information read why you should have a workplace mentor at your graduate job.
    • Understand the sales process
    • Set yourself targets
    • Plan your days and review your weeks
    • Plug away!

Offering exposure to a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, opportunities for rapid professional development, and the added bonus of performance-based financial rewards, it’s clear that sales jobs can be an excellent choice for graduates.

If, like Jet, you’re personable, driven and an exceptional communicator, a graduate job as a Business Development Executive could be a great match for you and your skill set!

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