What is a Mindset Coach? Free webinar with Nicola Charlotte 🧠

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Our Morning Mindset Coaching Webinar has now taken place.

If you missed the webinar and still want to find out about the ways you can embrace a morning mindset that will help you sustain your performance at work and improve your mental fitness, check out the webinar recording below.

Morning mindset coaching webinar: Increase motivation & performance

Welcome to our latest  webinar: Morning Mindset Coaching Webinar – Increase Motivation & Performance.

We understand that at these difficult times, it can be hard to know how to improve motivation to work and sustain your performance at work.

That’s why we have partnered with Mindset and Performance Coach Nicola Charlotte, who shared her tips on how to embrace a morning mindset that will help you sustain your performance at work and improve your mental fitness.



What we covered in our webinar:

  • How to boost motivation at work with a stable morning routine
  • Tips for re-focusing and calming your mindset
  • What micro habits are and how to implement them
  • Turning behaviours into habits
  • Techniques to produce lasting change
  • Improve thinking & new habits that can benefit you, your team, your company and the results of the business.


An Introduction from Nicola Charlotte:

“I’m Nicola, a Mindset & Performance coach. I help people build a more supportive mindset, so they can ultimately feel happier & thrive. By understanding what’s currently holding you back, you can move forwards to what you want to create more of in your life.

Coaching helps to improve your mental fitness – this refers to your ability to handle the challenges and opportunities that life puts in front of you with a positive mindset. My role is to teach you how to improve your mental fitness, which in turn helps decision making, relationship building & helps improving performance at work.”


What made you decide to become a MindSet and Performance Coach?

“I’m fascinated by the power of the mind, and there continues to be more and more research to prove that we can effectively, and relatively simply, alter the physical makeup of it. This means we have the ability to re-build our thinking habits and re-shape our mindset to better support us.

In 2019 I had the feeling I was living on auto-pilot, as if I was sort of just “going through the motions”, which is when I realised something needed to change! Fast-forward to now, having gained my coaching qualification and done extensive learning, I feel fulfilled and excited about the path I’m on.

My mission is to help people thrive in all aspects of their life, and I believe this all starts with cultivating a strong mindset. I hope to share insights and techniques I’ve learnt, so that we can all learn how to improve motivation skills, feel more empowered, confident & happier.”


Why are you excited to partner with Give A Grad A Go and what can we look forward to in the webinar?

“Coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective professional development interventions. Knowing how to improve motivation level of employees in your workplace helps them thrive personally, as well as professionally.

I’m excited to partner with Give A Grad A Go to be able to share simple exercises, effective techniques and insights for individuals to takeaway and implement into their day-to-day immediately.

The webinar will highlight the importance of consciously engaging your mind each morning & how the key to your success is found in your small, daily decisions. When these decisions become automatic, you begin to build a stronger mindset; reducing stress, overwhelm & irrational thinking.

A stronger mindset teaches you how to improve motivation in the workplace, how to improve performance at work and boosts in confidence; all attributes that benefit the individual, the team and the quality of work. Anyone who attends will be honoured a 10% discount on my 1:1 life coach training programme too!”


What do you do to motivate yourself and make positive changes?

“I guess I’ve witnessed the difference of a life coach training course myself, following the work & time I’ve dedicated to improving my mental-wellbeing, which consequently helps me know how to boost motivation and how to focus more at work!

Our mind is like a muscle, so in the same way we need to do physical exercise regularly to feel fitter & stronger, we need to do the same for our mind.

I think the past 10 months has been the biggest motivation to practise self care and prioritise my well-being. With so much uncertainty, disruption & change in our external environment, it’s been more important than ever to build mental resilience, and really understand what works for me when I’m feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed.”


What types of coaching do you offer?

“I work with 1:1 clients for life coach training online typically over a 3 or 4 month period – although it does really depend on the individual!

We partner over 60-minute Zoom calls every other week. We agree on clear action points after every session and keep in touch in between calls, as you put your new behaviour strategies to work.

I hold you accountable, and am there to champion, and challenge you (gently), so you can step out of your comfort zone and thrive.

My life coach webinar with Give A Grad A Go is focused on how to improve motivation at work, will explain the benefits of continuously improving performance at work and teach you how to improve motivation of employees at your business.


For anyone interested in finding out more about Nicola and her services, she offers a free discovery call so you can experience first-hand the impact of coaching, get in touch at [email protected] to find out more.

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