Success story: How Diegesis hired 54 exceptional graduates

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For over 4 years, we have been helping Diegesis grow. 

A bespoke, UK-based tech consultancy, Diegesis supports companies seeking to develop, upgrade, or consolidate their IT. 

It helps businesses migrate legacy systems to the newest tech solutions, solving a range of problems with its experienced team. 

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The problem

In 2020, Nick Denning, Diegesis CEO, came to us with a problem.

He had specific hiring criteria that other agencies were struggling to meet. 

Nick was looking for exceptional graduate talent, and was interested in hiring candidates that came from non-technical backgrounds. 

It was difficult to find the right calibre at the right quantity, and was therefore hard to develop lasting relationships with other recruiters.

Diegesis wanted a way to get into contact with candidates straight out of university, who don’t want to work for the big, established tech companies.

This is where we stepped in.


Our solution

Our then Recruitment Consultant (and now Client Lead & Key Account Manager) Joe Goddard, was tasked with helping Nick fulfil these hiring ambitions.

Over the past 3 years, Joe has helped Diegesis to hire 54 graduates of the highest calibre.

Nick and Joe worked together to establish what success looks like for Diegesis. 

And everything we’ve done has been a step towards helping Diegesis reach that success.

Hiring across a variety of roles, Diegesis has been able to access some of the country’s best graduate talent. 


Nick’s story

  • Historically it has been very difficult to get the attention of recruitment agencies and to get a deal from them for the best candidates. Why send the best to Diegesis at an “economic rate” when I can get top money from the banks?

    Even if we find an agency who is interested in our business, too often we just don’t see the number of candidates to our very strict criteria coming through.

    Most agencies are focussed on general market/general recruitment rather than sourcing the highest calibre new graduates in STEM subjects.

    Even when we find a seller in the agency, if they are any good they get promoted. Then, we get passed on to a new SDR and the relationship stalls.

    We were looking around because we had a requirement that our current agency (who had previously performed well) had not been able to fill in 3 months.

    The name “Give a Grad a Go” describes exactly what we wanted to do.

    We outlined the requirement, and the rest is history. Since August 2019, Give a Grad a Go has placed perhaps 50 people with us of the highest calibre.

  • It’s all in the relationship.

    Behind Joe Goddard’s youthful appearance there is a level of maturity and professionalism second to none in my experience.

    His sense of drive, determination, responsiveness, as well as his ability to listen, understand, advise, and to successfully find the people we need has been first class.

    His initiative and ability to work with our team is excellent.

  • Fantastically and hugely positively.

    We don’t get it right all the time, and we’ve had a couple of losses after the pandemic.

    Our retention rate is very strong and any errors are our own!

  • We have recruited a broad church.

    We are progressively developing the environment in which we hope everyone can thrive and is motivated to strive for success.

    Several people joining the company have taken on positions of very significant responsibility.

    This includes people straight from university, who’ve had greatness thrust upon them by being appointed to run some very challenging projects. And all have succeeded!

Every week, we continue to help companies of all shapes and sizes.

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We offer simple solutions to complicated problems, and we help companies prosper. 

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