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Securing the right job or career is an important goal for the majority of people. But, for LGBT+ jobseekers, finding an inclusive and supportive employer is easier said than done.

PinkNews Futures, the largest LGBT+ careers conference in the UK, is returning on the 13th of November to tackle this issue. Join us in Manchester — where Give A Grad A Go users get 50% off tickets!

The struggle for LGBT+ graduates

Many students and graduates struggle to identify employers that genuinely value inclusion.

LGBT+ jobseekers face unique challenges in the job market. In addition to worrying about getting a job in a post-pandemic world, LGBT+ workers also worry about how to bring their queerness to work.

A 2021 PinkNews and YouGov survey revealed that only half of LGBT+ workers in the UK are open about their sexuality or gender identity to their colleagues.

Moreover, with 41% of undergraduates going back into the closet when they enter their first roles, it’s an all-hands-on-deck moment for those who are employed to help guide their peers as they enter the job market.


How PinkNews Futures can help!

That’s where PinkNews Futures comes in. PinkNews Futures is a professional development conference for LGBT+ people, providing jobseekers with networking opportunities and direct connections to inclusive employers.

The conference provides a safe space for jobseekers to ask questions about their career options, and make the connections they need to boost their confidence and employability prospects.

Reflecting on his early career at the most recent event in London, PinkNews CEO Benjamin Cohen said, “It’s probably easier to come out today. However, the fears that people have are still genuine.”

“I think the pivotal moment comes when people realise the company has your back and you’re not just accepted but celebrated for your identity,” said Kushal Khandhar, Global Pride manager at Boston Consulting Group.

“Career choices are also life choices, so try to make the empowered choice that resonates with the values and culture of the company, as well as your own.”


Finding your dream job

PinkNews Futures has partnered with Give A Grad A Go for the past several conferences.

Our attendees had the opportunity not just to network with their peers and potential employers, but also receive expert advice from HR professionals on how to select the right employer.

“In an interview process, don’t be afraid to challenge employers,” said Claire Donaldson from Give a Grad a Go at one of the 2021 PinkNews Futures conferences.

“Maybe you’ve applied for a smaller company who currently don’t have an [inclusivity champion] yet. Could you be, then, the diversity and inclusion champion, and are they open to that?”

In the case of one attendee, being able to receive that assurance from a prospective employer really sealed the deal.

Ella, who came along to a recent PinkNews Futures event, secured a job right in the midst of a pandemic.

“PinkNews Futures gave me the reassurance to explore a selection of reputable and exciting companies within a range of sectors, as well as the confidence to truly be myself when speaking with their representatives,” Ella said.


A great opportunity to make connections!

If, like Ella, you’d like to find job opportunities that are right for you, come along to our next PinkNews Futures conference, taking place in Manchester on the 13th of November.

The conference will be an absolutely invaluable way to foster genuine connections between progressive employers and young LGBT+ people looking for their first steps.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Ella had to say:

“Knowing that each business had chosen to be there and show their support for LGBT+ applicants gave me the courage I was lacking to ask questions that I wouldn’t normally ask – like what their diversity and inclusion policies are and what the environment is actually like for LGBT+ people.”

Grab your tickets here for the upcoming PinkNews Futures conference in Manchester. Use the code GAGAGO50 for 50% off.

Your ticket includes full access to the conference, lunch and refreshments throughout the day, as well as networking drinks!

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