How to write a good CV and avoid grammar mistakes to get a dream job ✍

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The process of job search is thrilling but when it comes to writing a CV, most candidates face difficulties.

The employers usually scan a СV in a few minutes and decide whether the qualifications and skills match the vacancy or not.

You may get a rejection not only due to the lack of expertise but also because of lexical and grammatical mistakes.

That is why it is crucial for the candidates to follow the structure, keep all details about experience and competencies real, and proofread the final version before applying for the specific position.

In this article, you will find out how to write a good CV free of grammatical errors that will help you to get a dream job.

Follow the structure

In order to make the CV according to the generally accepted requirements, and ensure that it will stand out, it should be divided into legible sections: Contact Information, Personal Statement, Work Experience, Education, Skills, and Additional Information.

Make your CV basic so that it can be easily adapted for each role you apply for according to the job description.

Add the social links and your LinkedIn profile that will let the employer find out more information about you.


Don’t provide irrelevant details

The CV helps to highlight your best qualities and prove that you will perfectly fit the role and it is important to remember that you should include your photo only if it is required for a certain position.

Use brief bullet points to list the skills and experience, no need to provide a verbose description of your school achievements or first job.

Do not overflow your CV with a bunch of certificates that will not refer to the job you are applying for.

It is great if you have a long career history, but do not overload the experience section with details on all your previous roles.


Choose the right keywords

All job sites require you to include the keywords after the submission of your profile.

The title and buzzwords will help the search engines to find out your CV from the bundle.

Make sure to add the relevant keywords that show your skills and qualifications in the best possible way.


Keep it short and clear

Usually, employers spend 10 seconds looking at one CV, and you will not be able to catch their attention if the length of your CV is more than two pages.

Keep the information included in your CV strong and organised.

Save all the details for further interviews.

In order to explain why you perfectly suit the job, include a personal statement that will be a great reference for the employer and let them make the first impression about you.


Check your grammar

Whenever the employer reads your CV, they look for mistakes.

It is the most understandable way to dismiss the application because of the errors.

There are a number of common mistakes that the applicants usually make during writing that could be easily avoided.

Once the CV is written, it is obligatory to check the grammar and spelling.

Try to use a grammar checker and make your CV free of grammatical mistakes. Take advantage of such services and make sure that the spelling is correct.


Make your CV look good

There are a number of designs and templates that will help you to familiarise yourself.

Formatting and spacing are not less important than the content.

It is highly recommended not to experiment with fonts and colours.

Make the subheadings bigger and mark them in bold.

That will help to visualise the CV’s structure and catch the employer’s eye.


Keep all details current

Keep your СV up-to-date all the time and revise your work experience.

If you have obtained any new skills or qualifications, assure to record that.

It could become crucial for the recruiter when they accidentally find your CV.

The CV is paramount when it comes to job searching as it gives the first impression to the employer about the candidate.

It is a short abstract that introduces the personality and qualifications that might be required while applying for a specific job.

If you know you are an ideal candidate for a desirable position and don’t want to lose out on the opportunity, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks on how to write a good CV.

It is one of the best ways to get the dream job and build a brilliant career.

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