How to make a video CV: Tips for a successful CV

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What is a video CV?

As new generations have joined the workforce, the job search and application process has evolved significantly.

Candidates are demonstrating their knowledge in new and inventive ways as technology dominates the job application process.

A video CV is one method that has grown in popularity.

A CV video is a brief clip that a job applicant presents to a potential employer, in which they describe themselves and their relevant work and life experience.

If you’re looking to improve your graduate CV, a well-produced video may offer you an advantage over the competition. Even if video CVs are becoming more common!

However, getting started with them may be difficult, particularly if video resumes are new to you.

Consequently, we’ve compiled our best advice on how to make an impressive video CV, and a list of reasons as to why videos make successful CVs!

How do I make a successful CV?


  • Create a script

It’s never a good idea to make an impromptu video for your project.

It is of course important to appear relaxed and spontaneous.

But, you should have thought out precisely what you want to say and how you intend to say it.

Think of the film as a sales pitch that explains why a company should employ you.

As a result, your main goal should be to describe the benefits you will bring to the company, as well as your goals, skills, and previous successes.

  • Establish an elevator pitch

With a video CV, you’re giving a prospective employer a better sense of who you are as a person.

They’ll learn about your accomplishments, and how well you could perform for their company.

You should have plan for how to deliver this key information in the shortest time.

When you’re under a time constraint, your elevator pitch may be as simple as a few bullet points or words. Do not read your pitch verbatim – this may appear dull!


  • Create a narrative

Making a video resume is a dynamic way to show off an aspect of your work history that will pique the interest of a hiring manager.

If you’re stuck on topics to include, make an overview of your career history and consider how it relates to this role.

To what extent has your previous experience prepared you for your new position?


  • Professional approach

If you want to know how to create a good CV, make sure to stay focused and keep on topic.

Focus on the primary goal of your video and make it seem professional. Refrain from utilizing any jargon or slang, and limit your humour to suitable situations.

Additionally, while editing your CV you must pay attention to details, and include transitions and other visual elements only when absolutely necessary.

A video editor like InVideo or Movavi Video Editor, with its professional templates, is your best bet when it comes to editing professional video resumes.

To appear professional you should also be aware of platforms that allow you to share large files or large videos online. Especially those that you can’t attach to your email!


What are the advantages of a video CV?


  • Video resumes stand out

Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter for a moment.

You stumble across a video CV amid a sea of identical-looking text applications. Which one do you think you’ll start with?

Video CVs are an excellent way to help your application stand out from the crowd.

The first step in getting your name on the shortlist is catching the recruiter’s attention.

90% of hiring managers said they’d be more inclined to view a video CV, according to a study conducted by Vault inc. Because, let’s face it, most people would rather deal with a real person than a bunch of numbers and letters.


  • Offers you greater control

During an interview, have you ever felt yourself trembling?

This is a situation that many of us have found ourselves in at one time or another. Under the stress of an interview, we often fumble our best responses.

You have more control and confidence with a video resume.

Preemptively addressing common interview questions can help you make a good first impression with the hiring managers.

It will offer you an edge over the hundreds of other written resumes that don’t perform well in this regard and is a way to assure you’re spending time on a successful CV.

  • Receives more attention

Recruiters review written CVs for an average of 5-7 seconds, which may be discouraging for job seekers.

As a result, there’s a good possibility that key elements of your profile may be missed.

Video CVs, on the other hand, are different.

A video’s chances of being viewed all the way through are higher when it has a distinctive format.

As a result, the recruiter will be more likely to truly engage with your application,

Keep in mind to make the most of this focus!


  • Highlights your creativity

Video CVs are a great way to demonstrate your creativity to any prospective employer. Filming and editing a video gives you a great deal of creative flexibility.

A well-construed narrative, visual effects, and maybe even a plot could all be included in your film. Employers will appreciate both the creativity and the effort.

This is incomparable to anything written down.

Are video CVs always successful?

Always keep in mind that your video CV is not a substitute for an actual paper CV, particularly if the hiring manager has not requested one.

Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to expand on key aspects of your CV using a video. It is also an opportunity to show employers how much you care about the role.

There are certain companies that still prefer a conventional resume over video CVs. Choosing to only send a video may hurt your chances.

However, a well-executed video that goes hand in hand with your own successful CV will do wonders for your chances of landing your dream job!

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