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Business Analyst graduate jobs & grad schemes

  • At its core, business analysis is position of responsibility and innovation. Jobs in business analysis require you to have a strong grasp of business practice and structure. And to then use this knowledge to evaluate a business’ current position, with the aim of streamlining and improving their processes. Inherently, it expects some degree of leadership and confidence. You would have to work across the whole business, taking opportunities to instruct innovations and changes where necessary.

    You cannot instruct change without understanding business needs. They vary from company to company, and represent the starting point of a business analyst’s process. Identify business needs, establish productive solutions, and provide value to stakeholders. Business analyst grad jobs are built around these fundamentals.

    Junior business analyst jobs may begin a bit slower. Expect to be assisting more senior business analysts, helping them advise, rather than advising directly. As an entry level business analyst, you would do a lot of data and information gathering, creating reports for more senior team members.

    Entering at this level can be expected as a graduate. Jobs in business analysis require a lot of skills that are best learnt gradually. Therefore, beginning at junior level provides the perfect transitional period for establishing yourself in the business analysis world.

  • As a Business Analyst, you become a force for change. Business analysis involves reviewing business practices and advising meaningful improvements. These can be seriously rewarding tasks. You get to have your voice heard, and get to contribute to the wider vision of a business.

    In their careers, everyone wants to make an impact. There’s no feeling like looking back at a project, a job position, or a company, and being able to notice the mark you’ve left. If you enjoy having the authority or space to make your presence known in a productive and forward-thinking way, then business analysis is a great area to enter. Being a Business Analyst equips you with a set of highly transferable and valuable skills, making it a great job role to pivot from.

    It is also a constantly dynamic role. As an advanced problem solver, you’ll be faced with different issues and challenges on a weekly basis. It’s a great role for a proactive worker, who is always prepared to learn, adjust, and develop. Careers in business analysis are not characterised by sitting at an office desk twiddling your thumbs. You get the chance to work with different people, different departments, and on diverse projects. It is one of the most interesting graduate roles!

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  • In many cases, business analysts can be very well paid. It’s a respected position and one that companies are always seeking. The best businesses are always looking to push forward and innovate, and business analysts are the people that can facilitate this. As a result, businesses are often willing to pay a premium for the position. This is particularly on the mind of the biggest companies, who unsurprisingly will pay the best salaries for these positions.

    This salary is also a marker of experience. More often than not, business analysts earn a respectable salary, and can use their position to grow into a more senior role. So, expectedly, business analysts are likely to become significantly better paid after a good few years in the role.

    Junior business analysts can still start on a good salary, however. Roles can be advertised from £25,000, but tend to be more typically around the £30,000 mark. There are only a few sectors where you can guarantee a more secure graduate starting salary than that. Consequently, a career in business analysis is a very smart thing to pursue after graduating.

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