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It is easy to learn and write a paper in your native language at any level of education.

However, if you join higher education in a nation that teaches in a language you are not well conversant with, you can get challenges.

Most universities around the world teach in the English language but not all students are fluent in it.

If you are an international student studying in an English-speaking nation, writing a college paper in English should not be a daunting task.

If you follow the structure correctly and use simple English, you can write the most attractive paper.

Draft your plan before writing

Before you begin writing your paper, take time to think of the main issues or objectives. Determine who will read your paper and who your audience will be.

It could be you want your audience to be students, lecturers, engineering practitioners, and so on. The language tone you shall use will be guided by your target audience.

You also want to ensure that your essay reflects the topic you are writing about. For example, a mechanical engineering essay might differ from a biomedical engineering essay.

Determine the reason for writing your paper which can be to educate, to provide a solution to a problem, and so on, and then draft the main idea of your essay.

The main idea is what will guide you in the paper structure.


Structure your essay properly

Paper structure means the flow of your points from the topic to the introduction all the way to the conclusion and references.

Break your paper into smaller parts so that it will be legible and attractive. Your topic should stay within the guidelines given by your teacher.

For example, if you are instructed to write a three-part engineering paper, you need to develop a position to the question.

Note the critical issues at hand, look for some examples, and then craft your argument. If you are given a general topic, it will depend upon you to determine which area you feel is critical and support your reasons.

Think about your thesis statement and make it strong because it is the central support of your arguments.

Your thesis statement should not take a big portion of your paper, otherwise, it will affect the word count.

Come up with the subtopics that will help you support your main topic and think of strong points that cannot be challenged. Your paper ends with a conclusion followed by citations.


Look at example essays

Technology has made education better and easier than it was a few decades ago.

A college student would travel for many miles to seek information for a college paper. It was hard for foreign students to access college education online in the English language.

Now, it’s quick and easy to find various engineering report examples online and get help from college essay writing service in the UK to help show you how to write an engineering report.

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Develop your essay

Following the preplanned structure, begin developing your essay. You will not be able to develop it without the right sources.

Do not mind the use of complicated English. Use simple English that can be understood by your target audience. The day-to-day communication English will be perfect for your paper.

If you go for difficult terms that you don’t understand, they will become irrelevant to the reader. Get the right information through extensive research.

Go to the library and read the right books. If you are not sure, you can ask the librarian for help or your supervisor.

Many other sources are available online and you can visit engineering blogs, websites, journals, papers, and so on.

Once you have gathered enough information, begin your writing and take ample time to write.

Revise your paper and use spelling & grammar tools

Your paper is not complete without proper revision, which includes reading through it several times and scanning it with writing tools. Edit every mistake that you can easily note and check grammar flow and sentence structure.

Next, use technology in writing and scan for mistakes using grammar tools and correct accordingly.

You want to submit an original engineering paper and you should scan it for plagiarism.



Every language is learned and every student can learn any language and write great papers.

English is spoken in many nations around the world and it’s a major teaching language in colleges.

Although it might be a concern writing in English to foreign students, practice can help them perfect their writing skills and produce wonderful papers, don’t be afraid to¬†seek¬†research paper help¬†elsewhere too!

International students can study online guides on tips to write papers in the English language and perform better than most native students.

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