Why study a master’s degree? Start your career with a degree from Cranfield

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In this challenging time, the graduate job market has become tough.

Many graduates have adapted to the current climate by improving their skills with post-graduate study online and are seeing the benefits of studying for a remote master’s degree.

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased need to stand out from your peers and have the skills and knowledge employers need as they refocus their businesses for future growth.

The problem that students are facing is that it’s hard to get a job without having had a similar job before.

So, what is the solution?

Studying a master’s degree is a brilliant way to improve your chances of landing a graduate job.

Firstly, candidates who have completed a postgraduate study are very appealing to employers, especially if you are studying a subject that is relevant to the industry you want to join.

For example, choosing to do a master’s in Fintech would give you a massive appeal to employers from that industry.

The benefits of a master’s in finance in this situation are that it shows employers that you are dedicated to learn and have a genuine passion for what they do.

Find out more benefits below…

5 Benefits of studying a masters degree:


  1. Increased Job Prospects – Job seekers who have a master’s degree are statistically more likely to land a job! Studies have shown that 78% of postgraduates find a job in less than 6 months whereas only 66% of undergraduates do.
  2. Higher Pay – Studying for a master’s is an investment. Research has shown that postgraduates earn an average of 16% more than undergraduates so your chances of financial security on your resilient career path will increase!
  3. Make great connections and network – Many people find their mindset is different when they do a master’s, they are often thinking about full-time work or looking for a job. This means that you will be around like-minded people who could introduce you to some incredible opportunities. In addition, you’ll also get to know faculty members, guest lecturers and business experts – who can actually offer you a job!
  4. Increased Mobility – If you are considering a career change, or don’t feel as though your undergraduate study points you towards a particular industry, then a master’s is a great way to increase your mobility. With a master’s degree, you have the flexibility to expand or specialise in your field.
  5. Enhance your personal development – Studying for a master’s requires a lot of self-motivation and personal effort, which is something that employers look for when they’re hiring. Having the opportunity to prove your soft skills such as time management, self-motivation and communication through a master’s is a great way to stand out above the crowd.


If you are looking for the best master’s degree for the future then consider studying a master’s at Cranfield University.

Cranfield postgraduate degree can provide the opportunity to kick-start your career and land your dream graduate job.

Cranfield supports some of the best master’s degrees for employment that can help you develop specialist knowledge that relevant to industries which are resilient and growing.


Businesses are refocusing their future plans.

We have seen key sectors resilient throughout the pandemic, where the importance of regional, national and global supply chains have been of prime importance.

A postgraduate degree at Cranfield can help boost your employability prospects with one of their specialist masters relevant to the changing economy.

Companies are looking for graduates with the best master’s degree to join their company and build a resilient career.

A set of roles are distinctively emerging within specific industries.

The nature of these roles reflects the direction towards areas of innovation and growth across multiple industries including:


  • Materials Engineers in the automotive sector – Check out some of the best engineering master’s degrees and the highest paying engineering master’s degrees at Cranfield University and register your interest to find out more about the benefits of a master’s in Engineering.
  • Ecommerce and Social Media specialists in the consumer sector – Social media masters UK based degrees are becoming increasingly popular with employers as things move digitally.
  • Renewable Energy Engineers in the energy sector.
  • FinTech Engineers in financial services.
  • Biologists and Geneticists in health and healthcare – Since the pandemic, many companies have realised the benefits of hiring graduates with a master’s in health and social care, a master’s in health policy and a master’s in healthcare.
  • Remote Sensing Scientists and Technicians in mining and metals.

There has never been a better time to think about post-graduate study, so if you are interested in reaping the benefits of postgraduate study, or looking for the best master’s degree to get then browse through some of the incredible courses at Cranfield University and start building a resilient career today!

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