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What your revision personality says about the type of employee you will make

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Exams season has finally arrived, with stress becoming the new norm and tensions at an all-time high.

While we all have our own way of dealing will the pressure, for some, it can all get a bit too much and often your true colours can begin to show.

Whether you cope by covering every available surface in post-it notes, or pulling a classic all-nighter, the way you approach revision can reveal a lot about the type of employee you’ll make.

So we’ve decided to put together a list of the most common revision types.

Do any of them sound familiar?



1. The Doodler



This person creates elaborate pictures, graphs and rhymes to remember topics that in the end will probably only actually score one mark in the exam, leaving you questioning whether they’re really doing the right degree.


Employee personality:

Well suited to any team, they’re great at helping others understand new concepts; they bring a unique point of view to any challenge and are great for inspiring new ideas in others.


2. The Caffeine Addict



Known for starting the day with a triple shot of espresso and further substituting every meal for one, The Caffeine Addict is on constant high alert.

They’re masters of the ‘all-nighter’ and can often be found taking a quick power nap under a library table at 7 am, waking up just as the campus café reopens.


Employee personality:

Among all personalities, you won’t find anyone more dedicated to their work.

This person is known for getting the job done.

Though treat with caution, you never know when they might reach meltdown mode, so it’s best only to call on them when really needed.


3. The Collaborator



They’re the first one to suggest you pull a whiteboard to the corner of the library and work through past papers as a group.

Though suspiciously they usually already know all the answers themselves anyway…


Employee personality:

Often the first to spring into action, this person is all about working as a team.

They’re great at getting people on board with an idea and making sure everyone is kept on the same page.


4. The Secret Genius



A rare breed, this person is never actually seen revising.

Instead, they’ll be spotted out at every club night or casually milling around campus at all times of the day, yet they still seem to ace everything.

How do they do it?!


Employee personality:

Taking life in their stride, this is the person everyone wants around when things get stressful.

They bring a sense of calm to every situation and usually make everything turn out alright in the end.


5. The Lone Ranger



One of the most envied of all the revision types, this person has the ability to revise pretty much anywhere, whether it be day or night, in a group or on their own, in the library or probably even in the middle of a construction site.

Good luck pinning them down.


Employee personality:

Highly adaptable, this person will fit well into any fast-paced office.

If a crisis strikes on a project, everyone knows they can count on this person to get it back on track.

Though make good use of them while they’re around, they can be known to disappear in the blink of an eye.


6. The Multi-Tasker



The way to spot The Multi-Tasker is with a quick glance over their shoulder.

With a hundred and one tabs open on their laptop, they have the uncanny ability to switch between studying lecture notes, trolling Facebook and doing endless BuzzFeed quizzes.


Employee personality:

With their ability to switch from one thing to the next, this person will be a welcome addition to any busy team.

Open to taking on extra work or lending a helping hand, they quickly become known as the one to rely on.


7. The Tidier



Easily spotted from a mile off, the desk of The Tider is the only one among the sea of textbooks and scattered papers, to have everything perfectly neat and ordered.

Taking care to ensure all books, pens, post-its and water bottles are at perfect angles to each other, it is unknown whether this person ever actually gets any productive work done…


Employee personality:

Every team needs someone who will bring organisation to chaos and The Tidier is the perfect person for the job.

Breaking big projects down into step-by-step tasks, they help bring a sense of order.

As a plus, they’re usually also a master of all stationary, so if you’re ever in need of a pen in any colour, they’ll be the one to have it.


8. The Realist



Among the most common of the types, The Realist usually cuts a day of revision short with a big sigh, before chucking all notes into their bag and announcing plans for an evening of Dominos and Netflix.


Employee personality:

An asset to every team, The Realist helps everyone keep things in perspective.

While deadlines might be looming and workloads are piling up, The Realist knows stressing about it won’t do any good, so why not just call it a day and start afresh tomorrow?



Have you spotted any other personalities about? For more on becoming a model employee, visit our Careers Advice Blog – or discover the latest Graduate Jobs.


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