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The UK’s best office perks! ✨

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A few years ago office workers would count their lucky stars if they got an hour-long lunch break, 25 days annual leave and a Christmas Party.

But nowadays, everything’s changed. Britain’s businesses are battling to ‘out-perk’ each other in an effort to keep staff happy and productive – and to ensure their brand seems suitably quirky. Many offices worldwide are setting up in new, quirky and innovate settings such as the denver co-working spaces and WeWork in the UK.

Take a look at some of the most extravagant, inventive and all-round brilliant perks being offered by UK businesses!

1. Swift-key

Start-up mobile app company, Swift-key, offers their switched-on staff an educational perk in the form of lunch-time talks from visiting speakers. They’ve even had Steven Fry pop in for a chat – not bad, eh?!


2. Propellernet

Search engine marketing specialists, Propellernet, make their employees’ dreams come true (yes, really!). Whether it’s swimming with dolphins or seeing the Northern Lights, each and every member of staff writes down their ultimate dream on a ball and places it in a sweet dispenser.

When Propellernet hits its target the machine is given a spin., A ball is released and a dream comes true!

Propellernet also offers weekly meditation, yoga and pilates classes, birthday lie-ins and free breakfasts. Okay, where do we sign up?


3. Give A Grad A Go

The UK’s leading graduate recruitment firm, Give A Grad A Go, take employees on holiday for meeting their whole company target! Previous weekends away have included trips to Budapest and Barcelona!

Give A Grad A Go also offer free weekly yoga, free breakfast, Birthday off, lots of fun socials and a spin of a roulette wheel if targets are met with prizes such as smart TVs and £200 worth of flights!


4. Cogeco Peer 1 Hosting

Internet hosting company, Cogeco Peer 1, have a brilliant set-up in their Southampton office. Employees enjoy a gigantic helter-skelter slide, a cinema, a treehouse, a putting green and even (our favourite) an in-house pub!


5. Neon Play

Cirencester-based games firm, Neon Play, sends new recruits on a shopping spree when they join. With £100 to burn, staff are told to go out and buy anything that they feel would improve their work space. Previous purchases have included everything from ping pong tables to second-hand paintings!


6. Football Radar

London-based technology company, Football Radar, actually have their own in-house chef on call to keep employees well fed. Now that’s our kind of office perk – “I need a steak, medium rare – stat!”


7. Talent rocket

Talent Rocket (a start-up that helps people discover cool companies to work for) offers their very own super-cool perk in the form of endless paid holiday allowance.

Yes, you read that right! Forget 20 or 25 days, employees are entitled to take as much time off as they like – the idea being that as long as people are achieving targets and working hard, they should be allowed to take as much time off as they need.

Other UK companies offering this incredible perk include Netflix, WANdisco and Songkick.


8. the luxury online furniture retailer allows employees to bring their dogs to work. Not only does this keep staff feeling chipper (there’s a ton of studies on the link between pets in the office and employee happiness) but it also saves them £100s in doggy day-care!


9. Spotify

Staff in the music streaming service’s London offices get treated to free gigs at lunch time from the likes of Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and Muse! Very nice Spotify perks Indeed!


10. Google

This list wouldn’t be complete without Google, the king of quirky employee perks. Google’s London office workers can take advantage of unlimited gourmet food, nap rooms, free massages, and even a music-jamming room (in case musical inspiration happens to strike midday!)

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