Success story: Becoming a Project Manager ⭐

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This success story will explore the career journey of Rosie Smith who graduated from University of the Creative Arts in 2019 with a Film Production degree.

Using our recruitment services, Rosie successfully secured a graduate job as a Project Manager at FERO Retail Marketing.

FERO Retail Marketing is a leading Retail Marketing company, that delivers end-to-end bespoke marketing services for huge clients in the retail space.

In this blog, Rosie guides us through her experience using Give A Grad A Go to find her dream graduate role and her opinions on the service she received from her recruiter.

Rosie also discusses her life as a Project Manager, talking us through her day-to-day responsibilities, as well as some of her proudest achievements.


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Why did you choose to find a job through GAGAGO?

It was the job itself that enticed me to apply, but once I was in touch with Rachel from GAGAGO, I appreciated how she kept me in the loop with all movements and updates.

She checked in regularly and we even had phone calls to discuss the position and how I felt. I was very grateful for her guidance.


How would you describe the service you received from your recruiter at GAGAGO?

As I’ve said above, Rachel was extremely attentive and made me feel really confident in my application.

She spoke to my now boss one-on-one, so I knew what she was updating me on was direct and she ensured that I had all the information I would need.

She was brilliant!


What did you think about the recruitment process with GAGAGO?

It was quicker than expected! From what I can remember, I secured a first interview within a week and a second swiftly after.

Rachael booked in a number of calls to make sure I was prepared for every step of the way.


Would you recommend GAGAGO to a friend?

Yes – and I have!

I have a couple of friends who are currently in the job hunting world and I’ve recommended GAGAGO to them both.


How have you progressed in your role since you started?

When accepting the role of Project Manager, I really didn’t have any idea what that would entail.

Fero have given me all the tools to progress in this new career path, teaching about the role itself, whilst also giving me opportunities to take control of my own projects within the team.

I am now a confident team member, seeing our projects through from first briefs to final products. Throughout this, I’ve grown not only in confidence within my role, but within my self too.


What does a typical day look like in your role as a Project Manager?

Our days really vary at Fero.

You juggle any number of projects, which will all be at different stages, so some days you go in and your given a new brief to crack on with, whilst also sending off an invoice for a job you completed on, and also seeking approvals from clients about a project you’re halfway into.

I really enjoy the fast-paced environment and challenges that come with this role – problem solving is a big part of this job!


What has been the most challenging part of your role so far?

At the beginning, I really didn’t realise quite how fast-paced this job would be. I

love a challenge and seeing a satisfying finish to a project, but sometimes mistakes happen and it’s been those mistakes that I found tricky not to dwell on at the beginning.

But as I’ve progressed, I’ve learnt that it is more important to solve the issue swiftly and with grace, rather than dwelling on what you could have done.

Mistakes happen, but it’s how you fix them that counts!


What has been the best part of your role so far?

I can honestly say this has been the most fulfilling job I’ve had so far. I haven’t found so much joy and passion from a job since I left university.

I was quite nervous to step into a serious ‘grown up’ office position, but I’ve found that the community that comes with the role so vital and supportive.

I’ve also found the completion of projects very satisfying! It’s really nice to see physical work that you’ve worked so hard on up in the shops and being used.


What has been your greatest achievement in your role so far?

I was lucky enough to be placed in a team who have a number of large clients – I was quite worried at first about keeping up with the other team members, but I’ve now produced a number of bespoke units for bigger brands.

It’s really heartwarming to see a client so pleased with something you have worked on – it may be the client’s idea and product, but you end up with such pride knowing that a little part of you went into creating that also.


Where do you see your career heading?

I would love to progress within Fero and continue working on the 3D team. I really enjoy what I do and having been with Fero for six months now, my confidence with what we do has grown.

I would love to see how far I can progress within the business, whilst expanding my knowledge of POS Retail Marketing.


What advice would you give someone looking to start a career as a Project Manager within the Retail Marketing sector?

Prepare yourself to feel slightly like you are thrown in the deep end – the fast pace environment can be a bit of a shock!

But with the right support, you can find a lot of satisfaction from working with a wide variety of brands on exciting and bespoke projects.

You become a little bit like a jack-of-all trades – one day you are speaking to clients and building a relationship, the next you are working behind the scenes and learning about different materials and processes, whilst another you could be building your own units and learning hands on about your work.


Anything you wish you’d known when you first started out in your role?

I wish I’d known quite how much I’d like it! Perhaps I would have looked into Project Manager roles earlier.


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