How to adapt to university life: A beginner’s guide to student life 🎓

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Moving to university but aren’t sure how to adjust to student life?

Or perhaps you’re already at university but you’re looking for tips on how to settle in?

Starting university can be daunting at first but it will soon become the most exciting time in your life!

In this blog, we will discuss life as a university student and share some tips on how to settle in.

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The university countdown for students across the country is officially on!

Preparing for uni can be a scary time, but it is also super exciting so make sure you soak it all in.

Here is a guide full of advice to help you navigate student life.


How to prepare for university

Working out what to do after being accepted into university is overwhelming.

There’s a lot to plan, buy, pack and organise which can seem hugely daunting so here are 4 big tips to help you with settling into university!


  1. Invest in your bedding: Living in a student house or a student flat can be hard in the winter. You’re going to need all the beauty sleep you can get so you really want soft duvets and big fluffy blankets to snuggle up in after a long day of lectures or a wild night out!
  2. Photos: Print off lots of photos of all your loved ones and pets to put up in your room so that when you’re feeling homesick you can look at them.
  3. Essentials: Fairy lights are great for making your room feel cosy but battery powered only! And no candles allowed so leave these for your second and third-year houses!
  4. Reaching out – in terms of preparing for student life and student nightlife, try to join Facebook and WhatsApp group chats for your block and/or flat and get acquainted with your new flatmates and friends. If you have some idea of who you are meeting on move in day you will feel a lot less nervous!


How to move into university

So the time has come to move into your uni flat.

You may be feeling nervous, excited and terrified all at once but this is completely normal.

Try to remember everyone is in the same boat!

The most important thing is : smile!

The people you meet today might be your best friends in the coming months or years.

Doing things like baking with for your new flatmates can be a great way to get to know each other better. It helps to break the ice and helps those who are feeling nervous to settle in!

If possible, get your parents to take you food shopping so you can stock up for your first week at uni.

This can ease you in to doing the weekly shop and help you get used to budgeting too!

Remember to divide your kitchen cupboard, fridge and freezer space evenly with all your flat mates, though, so everything is fair.

You may not have loads of space to put your things, but you’ll be able to work it out!


How does freshers week work?

In fresher’s week, there are plenty of activities for everyone to get involved in.

Whether it’s a fresher’s club night or a fresher’s fair in the student union, there’s loads of ways to celebrate your new life as a university student.

You may feel like you’ve been at university for 5 minutes before getting thrown into the Fresher’s chaos, but if you want to explore the student nightlife, this is the perfect time!

Most importantly, though, this is the perfect opportunity to let loose and socialise with new people.

Go out and have fun!


Are freshers wristbands worth it?

Most universities promote a fresher’s wristband which can be great as they give you access to all fresher’s events, however be aware that there may be tickets for the same events available on the day which could save you a bit of money.

Try and find out what other students are doing/whether this is the case – you don’t want to miss out!

However, don’t feel pressured to go out every night of fresher’s week.

Of course, going out is fun but at the same time it can be tiring, physically and mentally, especially in your first week living away from home!

And adjusting to living on a student budget can be difficult, so going on nights out too often could also drain your bank account.

So, if you’re not feeling up to it just be honest with your friends and flatmates about how you’re feeling – don’t worry about seeming boring, it’s not!

And those who are true friends will respect your decision.


What is freshers flu?

You may have heard of fresher’s flu.

Unfortunately, it is a real thing.

What with singing at the top of your lungs, dancing and getting home at all hours it can be hard to avoid. Sleep deprivation may also be included in the student lifestyle package!

After Fresher’s your body might be in desperate need of hydration, vitamins, sleep and good food so make sure you fuel it with all these things to give yourself a fighting chance of recovery!


How to make the most of university

Typically, most courses at university do not have many hours of contact time so when you get your timetable don’t be alarmed if it looks empty!

All your newfound free time is there for you to form your own routine as a student.

Make the most of your new lifestyle!

You could go exploring in your new home town, get into a fitness routine (student/uni gyms are normally a lot cheaper), or maybe join a sports society where you can practice and go to socials.

Make sure you also put aside some time for preparing for your lectures when you can, as you don’t want to feel overwhelmed on your first day!

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