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Economics graduate jobs FAQs

  • Studying economics at university provides graduates with a high level of numerical and statistical skill, fluency in data analysis as well as knowledge of financial markets and public policy. Obtaining an economics degree also requires a plethora of soft-skills, such as working independently, multi-tasking and having the ability to meet deadlines.

    With these highly sought-after skills in hand, the job options for those who studied economics are endless. The top jobs for economics post graduates are those that support professional development, offer a competitive salary and provide you with great industry experience in your area of interest.

    Economics graduate schemes are one of the best types of jobs available to young people entering the workforce. Economics grad schemes were invented to fast-track careers in economics, progressing graduates to senior economics roles by the end of the 1-3 year training programme.

    Economics degree jobs can take the form of graduate schemes in both the public and private sector, with the overarching aim being to provide graduates with exposure to various areas of economics. This is why grad schemes are the best kind of economics opportunities for people who are unsure about what kind of economics graduate job would best suit their skillset.

    In terms of other great job options for those with an economics degree, roles such as Junior Economist, Economics Consultant and Economic Analyst are top options for aspiring graduates. To have a closer look at the best job opportunities for economics graduates, take a look at our economics graduate jobs board!

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    If you’re more advanced in your field and are looking to progress to the next stage of your career, you can check out our range of economics phd jobs, mid-level management roles and senior opportunities. Essentially, whatever your industry experience or level of specialist knowledge, our economics jobs board has something for everyone!

    To apply to the economics vacancies on our site, you will need to register a profile and upload your CV. By doing this, you’ll be able to create customised notifications that will alert you to new economics roles that match your job preferences and have just gone live on our site.

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  • Whether industry experience or knowledge-based expertise is required will depend on the specific economics career you’re looking at pursuing. Most junior economics roles are entry level, meaning that they will not necessarily require any industry experience, though having some relevant work experience would be desirable to employers.

    What is important to companies that are hiring at a junior level is that candidates can show a passion for the industry, and a real want to gain experience. Junior roles therefore require candidates to have an understanding of how their current skillset is transferable to the world of working economics, and how this skillset will set them up for success in their field.

    Due to their competitive nature, a lot of economics jobs will require candidates to have an excellent academic record equating to at least a 2.1. undergraduate degree (essential) and a postgraduate degree (preferred) in Economics, Econometrics, PPE, Data Science or other related subjects.

    The level of academic expertise required will vary from role to role, and though an economics degree is commonly required for junior-level economics roles, there are some employers that will consider candidates coming from a less direct route.

    If you are unsure about whether the opportunity you are hoping to apply for has educational requirements, make sure to read the job description carefully – it should be specified under ‘job requirements’.

  • No, you do not necessarily need a STEM degree to apply to economics opportunities.

    Having a STEM background can be advantageous if you are interested in pursuing more quantitative or data-driven roles within economics, such as econometrics, data analysis, or financial economics. It can also open doors to opportunities where a strong understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts is highly valued.

    However, while having a background in STEM can be beneficial, it is not a strict requirement for most new graduate economics jobs. A degree in a related field, such as finance, business, or statistics, is typically what employers look for.

    The field of economics is diverse, and there are numerous job opportunities available that cater to a wide range of skill sets and academic backgrounds. Economics graduate schemes are a great way to get your foot in the door if you do not have a degree in economics.

    Ultimately, the key to landing economist jobs lies in your ability to demonstrate suitability for the role, regardless of whether you hold a STEM degree or not. Make sure you highlight your relevant skills, experience, and passion for economics during the application and interview process. If you do this, you’ll be a standout candidate – with or without an economics degree!

  • Yes, job opportunities for economics graduates can be competitive, especially for those seeking entry-level positions.

    Graduate schemes for economics students provide excellent training and career progression opportunities, making them highly desirable among recent economics graduates. As graduate schemes are usually limited to large corporations, the high volume of applications does not equate to available placements, so securing a grad scheme has become very competitive.

    Salary considerations can also play a role in the competitiveness of these positions. Economics jobs and salary packages are usually on the higher end of the graduate pay scale, especially in industries like finance and consulting, which has resulted in increased competition among graduates seeking higher-paying roles.

    Don’t fret! Even though graduate jobs for economics students tend to be competitive, your commitment to professional development, along with a well-crafted CV highlighting your skills and accomplishments, will enhance your chances of success in the economics job market.