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Cyber Security graduate jobs & grad schemes

  • Cyber security, also known as information technology security or computer security, is the practice of protecting digital programs, systems and networks from cyber-attacks. The aim of cyber-attacks is to access, steal or destroy sensitive data, hardware or software belonging to either individuals or organisations. In doing so, attackers hope to extort money from the users affected and/or disrupt the services those users provide.

    Cyber security roles are centred around the implementation of preventative and counter-offensive solutions to such cyber security threats. The increasing reliance on technology, on both a personal and professional level, has led to an increase in the volume and sophistication of cyber security attacks. The awareness of this heightened threat has led the cyber security industry to experience rapid growth over the past decade, and it is now estimated to be worth hundreds of billions globally.

    The new and continued growth of the cyber security industry is great news for graduates interested in careers in security. With cyber attacks posing a real risk for businesses, employers are looking to invest in the future of their in-house cyber security teams by rolling out junior security jobs in cyber. Alongside this, there is also a growing number of cyber security agencies that have provided an increased amount of cyber security opportunities for graduate job seekers. At Give a Grad a Go, we’re proud to work with some of the most impressive cyber security institutions to bring you the best graduate security jobs.

  • Keen to kickstart your cyber career but still need clarity about what kind of tasks are involved in cyber graduate jobs? The responsibilities of cyber roles can range from designing security infrastructure to performing digital forensics. The specific duties involved in a graduate cyber security role will depend on the employer, job type, and seniority level. For most grads entering the world of cyber security, entry level jobs will be the main focus of job applications, so let’s look at what some of the most popular entry level security jobs entail…

    Junior Security Analyst – In this role, you will be responsible for analysing a business’ security systems, identifying vulnerabilities, correcting system flaws and scanning for any suspicious activity.

    Graduate Penetration Tester – The job of a penetration tester entails ethical hacking, which is the process of attempting to hack into a computer system at the request of an individual or organisation in order to test the efficacy of their security systems.

    Trainee Security Architect – As a trainee, your role will entail helping the senior security architect to plan, design and build cyberinfrastructure that meets the security policies and protocols of the individual or organisation you are working for.

    Forensic Specialist – Digital forensics graduate jobs revolve around mitigating damage once a system breach has occurred. The job of the forensic team entails the recovery of data, reconstruction of damaged hardware, and investigation into what/who is responsible.

    If you’re a technically skilled graduate with coding capabilities and the ability to work well under pressure, you should definitely consider applying to cyber security grad jobs.

  • At Give a Grad a Go, we understand that pay transparency is important to graduates seeking jobs in cyber security. Specifying a clear salary range on a job description enables graduates to identify whether the role is competitively paid and whether their is any room for negotiation. Salary details also provide an insight into the perceived seniority and value that the role poses in the eyes of the prospective employer. With this in mind, let’s give closer inspection to some of the highest salaries in cyber…

    In cyber security, the highest paid roles are the most senior roles. This includes roles like Security Director, Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Security Specialist that can all see upwards of six figure salaries. Junior roles for graduates, in contrast, usually offer salaries within the range of £25,000 – £35,000 and will depend on the expertise and experience of the successful candidate. For graduates with specialised industry experience who are looking to move on from their first junior role in cyber security, applying to mid-level positions is a great way of achieving a higher salary.

    While being paid competitively for your first job in cyber security is important for your own standard of living, it’s also important to prioritise finding a job that offers a great working environment. At Give a Grad a Go, we ask all our partner employers to shout about the culture, benefits and progression opportunities available at their company, so that graduates can learn about more than just the job salary.

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