Diversity and inclusion promise

At Give a Grad a Go we have been reviewing the way we work, to ensure that we are inclusive in all areas of the company, from our internal processes, to the messages we send out and the content we share.

Alongside the goals we pledged to work towards as a company to ensure equal opportunities for all, we’ve been voluntarily gathering data from candidates in our database in order to build a bigger and clearer picture on where we stand in terms of candidate diversity.

Take a look at our Diversity and Inclusion report and see how we stack up.

Diversity and inclusion company goals:

  1. Following discussions at the start of the year, we have had plans in place since February for all new employees internally to receive diversity and inclusion training, covering unbiased CV screening. With the plans put on hold during lockdown, we have now begun these conversations again with training providers and aim to start rolling this out as soon as possible.
  2. Our internal operations team are starting to carry out a detailed examination on our current recruitment processes for internal recruitment, to analyse how we find employees and ensure our processes are unbiased in every aspect.
  3. Going forward, we are now sending all CVs blank to employers, with no name, helping to avoid unconscious bias and reduce discrimination at CV application stage.
  4. We have already started to educate the clients we work with on diversity and inclusion, and last year released a detailed blog and video guide on the benefits of diversity in the workplace for employers and how to overcome any challenges that might arise. We will continue to educate ourselves, learn more, and create more resources for both candidates and employers we work with, to help educate others as well as ourselves.
  5. The charity committee is reviewing the charities we have supported in the past 12 months and finding gaps to ensure we are supporting a varied range of causes and organisations.
  6. Looking at the student societies we engage with and how we can diversify these.
  7. We will continue to regularly ask for feedback from clients, candidates and employees through the surveys we send out, gaining insight into the areas we can continue to work on internally to ensure all stakeholders are happy with our current processes.
  8. We will continue to review and strengthen our internal workplace mentoring programme, to ensure that all new hires are properly onboarded and feel included within our company culture.

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