Graduate jobs in Australia

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Graduate programs FAQs

  • A graduate job is any position that requires an individual to have completed an undergraduate (and sometimes postgraduate) degree course.

    Some graduate positions also require applicants to have completed a period of work experience before applying. Grad jobs can be found across a range of industries and are available in large corporations, SMEs and startups.

    The aim of graduate roles is to provide career opportunities for graduates who have just left university – though many graduate job positions are open to individuals who graduated in a wider time frame.

    Certain graduate entry positions, such as graduate programs, take the form of rotational training schemes. These graduate trainee positions provide motivated grads with the opportunity to discover their professional niche and progress rapidly.

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  • Different graduate jobs will have different application requirements. Several grad jobs are only accessible to experienced graduates, though there are many graduates jobs with no experience requirements available for fresh grads.

    As is implied, many grad roles also necessitate that candidates have obtained a bachelor’s degree before applying – some also require a master’s degree.

    However, it is important to note that the term ‘graduate job’ can be applied in a broader sense, covering junior roles that are indifferent to degree status.

    At Give a Grad a Go, we accept and consider all applications, from both graduates and non-graduates, at all ranges of experience levels. Our team read every application we receive, handpicking the right candidate for each particular role.

    Whilst some of our graduate roles require candidates to have a degree, many of our early career jobs focus on having the right attitude and personality rather than qualifications.

    Degree or no degree, if you’re searching for ‘graduate jobs in Australia’, we have a range of exciting career opportunities available.

  • If you’re wondering where to find graduate jobs in Australia, you’re in the right place! The best way to find graduate job roles is to use an Australian graduate jobs website. Give a Grad a Go has a dedicated website for graduate jobs that is supplemented by our expert recruitment service.

    Having helped thousands of candidates land some of the best graduate jobs in Australia, our graduate recruitment experts are on hand to ensure your graduate job search is successful.

    With over a decade of experience in graduate job recruitment, our portfolio of top graduate jobs spans an array of exciting Australian companies, from growing FMCG startups to global tech giants and large media institutions.

    Whatever your experience level, we offer entry-level graduate roles, mid-level opportunities and senior positions on our graduate jobs site. No matter the industry or experience level, there are graduate career opportunities to suit everyone on our site!

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  • Looking to apply for graduate roles and wondering, ‘when do graduate jobs start?’

    Australia jobs for graduates are available year-round, though there tends to be a larger volume of immediate-start graduate jobs during the graduation season. Cyclical jobs like graduate programs tend to open for applications months in advance of the start date, which is often February.

    If you’re looking for graduate jobs with immediate start, it’s best to apply as you’re nearing graduation, or just after you have graduated to ensure you get first pick of the best career opportunities available.

    If you’re hoping to join a graduate program in Australia, be proactive and enquire about when applications open. It’s also useful keep track of when you need to submit your application so that you don’t miss any graduate job deadlines.

    Competitive graduate jobs like graduate programs can close early if there are lots of applications, so it’s important to keep your CV updated and apply straight away.

    We recommend being open to applying for all kinds of graduate jobs, not just graduate programs; Immediate start graduate jobs still have a lot to offer young professionals.

    When applying for any kind of graduate job, it’s important to be available to attend job interviews and assessment days, as well as being able to set time aside to complete required tasks and tests.

    Notice period allowing, it’s also important that you are available for the required start date – though this is usually somewhat flexible.

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  • The best way to apply for Australia graduate jobs is to use our specialist graduate jobs site. On our graduate jobs board, you will find an array of exciting graduate roles across a range of industries and experience levels.

    To apply for a role on our graduate jobs website, you will need to register a profile with us and upload your CV before submitting your application. 93% of successful candidates have registered to our site and completed their profile!

    By registering a profile with us, you’ll be able to set up tailored job alerts that notify you as soon as a new job matching your preferences appears.

    Having a profile on our database also means that our graduate job agency is able to access your CV and get in touch about opportunities you may not have considered yourself suitable for. Can’t get a graduate job? This is a great way of widening your scope of applications and exploring alternative graduate careers.

    Each job application that we receive is thoroughly reviewed by a member of our graduate recruitment team.

    A recruiter will quickly get in touch if your application looks like a good fit for the role. For the rest of the application process, including any assessments and interviews, you will be supported by one of our specialist recruiters.

    They’ll be on hand to guide you through any queries you may have, providing expert interview advice and handling the administrative side of things.

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  • At Give a Grad a Go, we offer the best jobs for fresh graduates and beyond!

    If you’re looking for creative graduate employment opportunities in Australia, we have graduate jobs in Marketing, Advertising, Media and Fashion, as well as creative roles within the FMCG sector.

    From SEO Manager to Graphic Designer, we offer a variety of creative graduate jobs at Australia’s best businesses.

    If you’re on the hunt for a more technical career, we also work with a huge range of clients in the digital space, from IT, Software and Engineering to FinTech.

    Whether you are seeking Software Developer roles, Data Analyst positions, or IT Support jobs, we work with tech clients that offer graduates the chance to make an immediate impact.

    Sales graduates are always high in demand, and we have a huge range of Sales and Business Development roles on offer, including Account Executive roles, Client Services positions, Sales Support jobs, and more!

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  • Search entry level graduate jobs right here! If you’ve been looking for a graduate jobs website that has junior roles, internships and training programmes, you’re in the right place.

    We have hundreds of graduate jobs with no experience requirements across a variety of thriving sectors. From Trainee Accountants to Junior Designer, we offer graduate career opportunities for those who do not have years of industry-specific work experience but have great transferrable skills.

    Upload your CV and register to our website, create a profile and our team of graduate recruitment experts will be on hand to provide personalised career advice and assist you from start to finish with whatever you need with your job applications.

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  • We have a range of postgraduate opportunities on our graduate jobs website, whether you’ve completed an undergraduate degree, master’s degree, or PhD!

    Graduates who’ve completed masters are often more specialised in a certain field and subject, which can really impress employers and boost your application. Having undertaken a master’s degree also shows a commitment to education and a personal choice to further an interest in a field, advantageous when applying for graduate jobs in relevant fields.

    To complete a postgraduate degree requires a certain level of independence and self-discipline, these are valuable skills employers are looking for and can boost your applications to entry level opportunities. So if you’ve undertaken a master’s degree, be sure to list this in your graduate CV with all the skills you developed, and begin applying to our masters graduate jobs in Australia today!

  • Most of the jobs we have on offer have great starting salaries for graduates, wiht the average graduate salary in Australia ranging between $40k – $100k, with the highest paid graduate jobs usually found in the Banking and Finance sector. The more senior the role, the higher the pay; Marketing Manager positions or Senior Account Executive roles will inevitably be paid more than Marketing Assistants or Junior Account Executives. For graduates with specialised industry-experience, applying to more senior, high paying graduate jobs is a great way of increasing salary.

    While a good and fair salary is important, so is the environment you’ll be working in. That’s why we encourage all our employers to offer a range of benefits and perks to graduates, such as regular team socials, flexible working options, and development opportunities.

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  • Not sure what kind of graduate job is right for you? Our team of graduate recruitment experts is always available to provide career guidance, graduate job ideas, and assist you with job applications. We know it can be hard trying to decide what graduate career is right for you, that’s why our industry expert recruiters are here to give you insights into each of the industries we have graduate opportunities in. Our team is here to help you decide what graduate role you’d be best suited to and enjoy the most.

    Whether you’re looking for entry level jobs for graduates, or you’re looking to change careers, every role we offer at Give a Grad a Go has a competitive starting salary and benefits package.

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  • Australian graduate programs and graduate jobs have some key differences, primarily in terms of structure, duration, and the opportunities they offer to recent graduates. Here are some of the main distinctions:


    Structure and Duration:

    Graduate Programs: These are structured, often formalised programs offered by many large companies and organizations. They typically last for 12 to 24 months and provide a structured training and development pathway for recent graduates. Graduate programs are designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the organization and may include rotations through different departments or divisions.


    Graduate Jobs: These are regular job positions specifically open to recent graduates. They do not have the same structured training component as graduate programs and usually last for an indefinite period. While graduate jobs are entry-level positions, they don’t necessarily have the same level of initial support and training as graduate programs.


    Training and Development:

    Graduate Programs: The best graduate programs offer formal training sessions, mentoring, and opportunities for skill development. Participants may receive exposure to various aspects of the business and gain a broader understanding of the organisation.


    Graduate Jobs: While graduate jobs offer on-the-job training, they generally don’t provide the same level of structured training and development opportunities as graduate programs.


    Rotations and Exposure:

    Graduate Programs: Many graduate programs involve rotations through different departments or teams within the organisation. This allows participants to gain exposure to various aspects of the business and helps them make informed decisions about their future career path.


    Graduate Jobs: Graduate job roles are typically more specialised, and graduates may not have the same level of exposure to different areas of the business. They are often hired for specific roles based on their qualifications and interests.


    Recruitment Process:

    Graduate Programs: Companies typically have specific recruitment processes for their graduate programs, which may include assessment centres, interviews, and other evaluations tailored to graduates.


    Graduate Jobs: The recruitment process for graduate jobs is usually more straightforward and resembles the traditional job application and interview process.

    In summary, an Australian graduate program tends to be structured, time-limited, and designed to provide recent graduates with comprehensive training and development opportunities, while Australia grad jobs are regular entry-level positions that may not offer the same level of structured support and training.

    The choice between the two depends on your career goals, preferences, and the specific opportunities offered by employers.

    If you’ve been searching for ‘graduate program australia’ you’re in the right place – check out the job board above and find the perfect grad program 2023!