Employer Branding Services

Be a brand to remember.

If your EVP is clearly defined and visible, the best talent will find you.

With our data-driven approach, combined with our digital marketing and recruitment expertise, we’ll build a flexible solution to focus your employer branding recruitment and make your company irresistible.

Together, let’s energise your brand and attract the best graduates in the country.



   “Employer branding” search term interest

*Google Trends, 2022. Numbers represent search interest relative to the chart’s highest point for the given time. A value of 100 is peak popularity. 50 means the term is half as popular. A score of 0 means there’s not enough data.

Employer branding is trending. Don’t be left behind.

Employer branding and recruiting go hand-in-hand. A strong employer brand will help you compete for the best talent.

The growing demand for transparency alongside a new generation in the workplace means that your employer branding increasingly holds higher strategic importance.

Please reach out if you’d like to see more employer brand statistics.


of grads research a company’s employer brand & reputation before applying for a job.

Services to grow your brand


Sponsored content

Bolster your brand with a blog that grads and students will appreciate.

✓  Published to our 200k monthly web users
✓  Shared to our social audience of 65k+
✓  Content optimised by our SEO specialists


Social media

Tap into our network of 65k+ students and grads.

✓  Thorough content plan, graphics, and copy
✓  Social strategy with an analytics-based approach
✓  Increase visitors to your website or jobs pages

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Email campaigns

Reach the best talent with our powerful segmentation & audience targeting.

✓  400k+ database of candidates globally
✓  Open rates at 74%, more than triple the recruitment sector average of 19%
✓  Average click-rate of 29%


Career microsite

Always hiring? Opt for a custom career microsite with your branding, or a 1-page employer profile.

✓  Showcase your brand and improve your EVP
✓  Embed your company video
✓  Shared across our social channels



We’re experienced in running social media competitions to make sure they explode across the web.

✓  Ranking page 1 on Google for “student competitions”
✓  Up your views, followers, and conversions


Web push notifications

Push your brand to a bigger audience as a web push notification to our 80k+ web subscribers.

✓  Leverage modern communication channels
✓  Showcase your brand with bite-sized messages
✓  Unique imagery and custom call-to-action buttons


Webinars & events

We’re flexible! We can organise employer branding events from start to finish. Or, we can provide extra speakers and assistance in marketing your event to the right audience.

✓  Our webinars get 120 registrations on average


Video production

Video is one of the most engaging ways to advertise your brand, events, competitions, and more!

✓  1st class editing from video specialists
✓  Innovative ideas to set you apart
✓  25% annual increase on our own YouTube channel


Sponsored MPU banner

Our sponsored banners allow you to appear right in front of our audience with engaging rich content.

✓  We’ll create the artwork for you
✓  Drive traffic to your company-branded landing page


SMS messaging

Targeted to a specific candidate group, send punchy messages to engage our audience.

✓  Bulk SMS messaging
✓  We’ve seen as high as 30% CTR on our campaigns, averaging at 18%


Universities & societies

We partner with over 40 universities, helping you reach uni students globally.

✓  Leverage our network
✓  Market to specific society members or universities


Become a partner

You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours! We’re open to collaborations, so reach out if you think our values, audience, or services align.

Our employer branding services in practice

We love helping
brands grow.


“The employer branding process has been fantastic so far. It has been a fun and interesting collaboration where we have been experimenting with different services and learning about what is working well so that we can continuously improve on our employer branding.

The team is responsive and enthusiastic, they make sure services are delivered within allocated timeframes, and are always happy to support us with whatever we need.”

– Zoe Wu , Junior HR Business Partner & Employer Branding Executive


“The team at Give a Grad a Go has always been easy to work with and 100% committed to giving a very personal experience. They take time to understand your values, culture and needs, making them a fantastic brand development partner.

From day 1, they have supported us by sharing content, hosting webinars, and facilitating other initiatives to help us reach our market in a meaningful way. They are always full of creative ideas, are easy to work with and have been a key factor in our success.”

– Charlotte Wiseman, CEO & Leadership Consultant


“When looking for creative consultancy I want to be challenged, but I also want to be heard. The response from Give a Grad a Go was a perfect blend of what I wanted, enhanced by their own ideas. An enjoyable and easy journey, they get the job done.

Aside from that, I think the innovative and energetic nature of their team creates an original voice and work that will stick you firmly on the radar of those you are trying to reach. I would unreservedly recommend Give a Grad a Go.”

– Ollie McMullen, Founder of Capture Happiness

Enhance your talent attraction

Attract new hires

A direct and sturdy employer brand will persuade new candidates to join. It can be a crucial factor for your ideal employee to pick you over a competitor. The value of a strong brand presence is incalculable.


Become a stronger business

Companies with good employer branding are stronger and more rounded operations. It’s an important arm of your company that, if neglected, can leave your business more open to scrutiny.

Invigorate current employees

Remind employees why they should be proud to be part of your business. Companies that use effective employer branding services have better retention rates and, in turn, healthier working environments.


Thinking about hiring?

If you’re looking for employer branding companies, we are your best choice. As Australia’s most reliable graduate employer branding agency, we promise industry-leading talent acquisition. Get in touch, and let’s build your team together.

Questions about employer branding

  • So, what does employer branding mean? Employer branding is often defined as many things, but it can be most clearly understood as a recruitment tool.

    It is how a company packages its identity and values to its current workforce, and to those pursuing its vacancies.

    It is arguably the best way for companies to set themselves apart from competitors and beat them to the best candidates.

  • As a function of workplace culture, HR will always have a role to play in companies with good employer branding.

    All good examples of employer branding have likely been dictated in some way by HR departments, as they are often the people with the best grasp of a company’s internal culture. Managing and advertising this culture will formulate an employer brand.

    Some more specific employer branding examples within HR would be managing employees’ reviews on Glassdoor, or showcasing your company’s culture through Instagram.

    Employer branding, simply put, is one of your greatest recruitment tools.

  • So, why is employer branding so important? A good employer brand will benefit your business exponentially.

    The importance of employer branding is two-fold. Being able to distil the vague ideas of your business into a clear image and identity is challenging but necessary.

    It will help significantly in competing for the best talent as well as establishing credibility. Employer branding agencies can help assist this process and promote your employer brand to the areas of the market it can thrive best.

    The biggest and best companies have a personality, culture, and overall vision that people can easily comprehend and identify with. Without branding of this sort, your business may struggle to hire against its competitors.

    Still not convinced about why employer branding is important? Get in touch today and have your questions answered by an employer branding consultant.

  • It’s a good idea to come to an agreement as a company on what employer branding strategies to prioritise. A great place to start would be by conducting an internal survey, asking employees to answer anonymously questions about your corporate brand.

    From here, areas for improvement can be identified and employer branding solutions can be defined. Being honest and self-aware about what kind of business you are will ultimately give the whole company a greater sense of coherence, and can lead to a more open and welcoming culture.

    Speak to Give a Grad a Go, creative employer branding experts, to help build your brand the right way.

    1. Attract top candidates – excellent employer branding will mean you’ll get to choose from a wider talent pool.
    2. Hire faster – with more interest in your company, recruiting will be quicker.
    3. Decrease your cost per hire – with more candidates coming to you, you’ll use fewer resources in the long term.
    4. Retain employees for longer – employer branding initiatives include listening to staff feedback and continually improving existing processes, which in turn helps to retain your hires.
    5. Increase employee morale – employer branding benefits existing staff as well as potential hires.
    6. Build credibility with customers – boost your reputation, not just for recruitment purposes.