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How not to get distracted from the graduate job hunt this summer 😎

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Summer is now in full swing and the graduate job market is heating up with new roles for work hungry grads looking to take those first steps onto the career ladder.

But with the sun comes the beckoning distractions of BBQs, all day Frisbee sessions and a meltdown of the Instagram server (#summer #mates #sunset anyone?).

With this in mind we’ve put together a few helpful pointers on how not to get distracted this summer, so you can keep on top of the job hunt and still enjoy the sunshine.

Plan your days

With the days getting longer, you should be squeezing them for all they’re worth; structuring your week will give you a clearer idea of how to make the most of each day.

A big tip is to always check job boards on Monday / Tuesday morning, as this is when most recruiters upload their new jobs.

You can realistically structure the beginning of your week around this, giving yourself the mornings to look for roles and then the afternoons to cater your CV for a particular position.

Once you have scheduled in the times you’re going to focus on applications, you can start planning your free time with summer activities. Taking breaks is important as you’ll feel refreshed and focused when Monday comes back around.


Set goals

It can be hard to have structure when you only focus on the ultimate goal – getting a job. That’s why it’s good to set yourself mini goals during the week like ‘apply for X amount of jobs by the end of the week’ or ‘read X amount of job descriptions by the end of the day’.

By conquering the mini goals you’ll feel less overwhelmed by whole the job searching process and you’ll probably find you actually manage to get a lot more done. It also means you’ll feel less ‘guilty’ when it comes to taking a break, helping you to stay positive about the job hunt.

Training courses

Training courses and workshops are a great way to gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of an industry. Not only will it help you decide if you’re pursuing the right career path for you, but it shows potential employers that you have taken initiative in developing your knowledge base. These courses are usually one day a week for a short a few weeks, leaving plenty of time to enjoy summer.



Your CV is like a blank canvas when you leave university that needs to be filled with experiences and measurable skills beyond academics. Doing a placement can be a great opportunity to develop relevant skills while still earning money. Taking a few weeks to a few months out of your summer to do a placement can give your CV a real boost. Working structured office hours will get you into a great habit for when you start a job and you’ll find yourself appreciating your free time so much more.

Give A Grad A Go offer a number of placement schemes across a range of sectors. Search graduate career opportunities on our job board, as we could have a role that’s just right for you!


Remember to have fun!

We know that job hunting can be stressful, but it’s important to not let it overwhelm you. As long as you’re actively seeking employment and developing your skills, it will happen. Just remember, apply structure, set goals and most importantly have fun.


Find more advice for graduates on our career blog – or search graduate careers UK on our job board.

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